Monday, March 2, 2020

Weekend to Remember

Hello there!

I am  refreshed after a weekend away from home and the kids.

Well...kind of. Dan and I did attend Weekend to Remember, a marriage conference put on around the country by FamilyLife. We opted for the local conference and decided to stay home instead of at the conference hotel. I mostly don't regret that decision, as the kids were having a blast without us.

Ina was with my sister's family living her best life with an aunt who has the patience, talent, and tools to give her the most beautiful beach waves I have ever seen!

Cora and Mira were with Grandma Frankie, who took them on many adventures, including feeding the ducks at Bass Pro and Mira not taking off her beloved Elsa pajamas for 48 hours straight.

We almost didn't go to the conference because Ina had the flu with a fever the entire week before and Cora had a fever on Thursday. Thankfully, Friday morning everyone woke up fever free, so I un-cancelled all of our various babysitters, rides, and arrangements. (Mira waited until a few hours after we were home from the conference to spike a 103 fever and puke all over me.)

I am so thankful that we were able to actually go. I won't go into the deep details in this otherwise light and short post, but this conference was powerful. We walked in with a lot of struggle and doubt. While I know the road ahead will still require work, Dan and I both left with a renewed feeling of hope and love for each other and Jesus.

Me: Dang, I didn't realize we were both wearing flowers.
Dan: Racheal, if you are ever wearing flowers then we are both wearing flowers.
Me: Well, true.

We laughed, cried, and laughed until we cried. We had some real and tough conversations that left us feeling more transparent and vulnerable than we ever have. We made goals for our relationship and marriage. We wrote LOVE LETTERS to each other. Seriously, we haven't done that since high school.

If you have ever wondered if you would like this conference, I would strongly recommend you attend.

After the last session on Saturday we headed to a local seafood place where we stuffed ourselves to the gills with crab legs and boiled shrimp. We tried to talk to each other about something other than our kids...but at times we just sat in silence and that was okay too. We are determined to make date nights a priority in our schedule. Anyone want to volunteer to babysit?

Before the conference, even though Ina was sick, life went on as usual. My aunt and uncle were in town and stayed a night at a new hotel in our town. Cora was so excited to go "on vacation" with John John and Char Char and after a steak dinner we put on our swimsuits and headed down the elevator to their hotel pool.

I forgot to pack a cover-up, so my uncle was nice enough to let me borrow his shorts. Thankfully, Dan has his smart phone to capture my absolute coolest moments.

After enjoying the water for an hour, Mira pooped in the pool, which was our cue to exit. There are few things as fun as cleaning poo off a wet, freezing cold, and screaming toddler while you are also wet and freezing cold and trying your hardest not to scream.

Mira still has a fever today, but I am praying we wrap this season of sickness up ASAP.

My mom and I are wrapping up our last week of Whole30 this week, but honestly I love it so much I don't want to stop. Whole90, here we come!

Here are a few recipes/dinner ideas from the week:

Sweet potato and veggie sloppy joes

Slow cooker kalua pig - AMAZING and seriously the easiest recipe ever. We have already made again for breakfasts/lunches this week.

(It tastes amazing crisped up with kale with kimchi as a side, like pictured below).

Pressure cooker butter chicken with cauliflower rice and steamed broccoli

Sheet pan sausage, potatoes, and brussels sprouts shoved in my face on the way to the conference

Smoked chicken legs, bacon and brussles salad, beets. That salad was totally worth the 3 (yes, three) times I burnt the roasted nuts by forgetting they were in the oven.

I hope you have a great week!

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