Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Shelter in Place Week 2: Change in Mindset

Wednesday afternoon the sun, which previously had been hiding behind a veil of fog, finally came out and drug every single one of my neighbors outside with it.

I mixed up a few cocktails (vodka/lemon/honey water) and met a few moms outside to sit six feet apart and catch up on life.

This hour was what my spirit needed to be reminded that even though this isn't the most fun season, we can still find spots of joy. We later had small group and after we discussed how difficult motherhood is during this time of shelter in place/social distancing, one of the amazing ladies in my group suggested that we need to change the way we look at this experience.

Instead of schlepping through each day, thinking This will be over soon, we should act as if this is what every day for the rest of our life will be like. With this change in mindset, what would we do differently? After thinking about this, I have and/or am going to make the following changes:

  • Be creative in ways to be social. Since Wednesday I have chatted numerous times at the end of a driveway or on a sidewalk, keeping 6 feet away. I have also chatted with friends more in group texts and over Zoom. Ina has been writing people letters and I am thinking about joining her.

  • Continue to exercise and eat like I normally would. In the past, I would view a schedule disruption, like a snow day, as a free pass and go into vacation mode, not exercise, and eat junk food, and then feel yucky the whole day. I have to remind myself that this isn't a snow day or a vacation day, this is normal life now and I have to make the best of it. Even though I am not going to to the gym, I still wake up early, do my bible study, and turn on an exercise video. I have loved Orange Theory, Fitness Blender, and Beach Body workouts and just started 21 Day Fix Extreme. I also am trying to go on a walk or run once a day just to get out of the house. Likewise, I am keeping our meals Paleo, focusing on getting lots of vegetables and protein and healthy fats. 

  • Get dressed. Even though staying in my pajamas sounds good in theory, I never feel good when 2 pm rolls around and I haven't brushed my teeth. Obviously I am not office ready, but I have tried to do the bare minimum hygiene essentials, put on a bra and a shirt that isn't stained with paint or food, and quickly brush on some mascara and blush. The bar is low, my friends. 
  • Keep a work balance. On the days I have the kids and have to work at the same time, instead of just assuming that work will be done eventually, whenever I get a chance, I carve out times when I know I will be able to work. For me, that is in the morning before the kids wake up, after lunch when I can turn on a movie and/or Mira takes a nap, and late afternoon when Dan gets home. On the days when I am lucky enough to have someone else (Nonnie!) care for/teach/feed the girls, I accept her help with open arms and shush the guilt I feel for missing out on the experience of homeschooling my kids.
What about you? What would you change? 

Moving on...Thursday morning I took my mom to her doctor's appointment, and after 8 weeks of being non-weight bearing, her x-ray showed her knee had healed and she was given the okay to start walking again! We celebrated with a stop by Aldi on the way home where I saw Danielle!

Friday (the day the girls stay with me), I woke up early to work and then transformed into home school mom for the rest of the morning. 

Both Ina and Cora had Zoom meetings with their class for the first time and my heart swelled when I saw how excited they both were to see their teachers and friends. 

We went on a walk that afternoon, which was necessary for both their restlessness and my sanity. 

My friend/neighbor Kim dropped off treats for the adults and kids (she's mine, you can't have her)

...and we ended up meeting a few others mom to form four corners on Brooke's driveway.

I worked most of Saturday, with little bursts of painting and parenting in between patient calls. Sunday we finally finished painting the living room. I will show you an after picture once it is put back together...I have faith that will happen one day. 

And now we have started another week, where everything is a little different, but a little more the same. God speed, my friends. <3

A few recipe recommendations: 

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