Saturday, January 4, 2020

Happy 2020!

Good morning!

Heading into 2020 like:

On our family walk, Ina wanted me to take a picture of her "climbing" this pole. Bless her little heart.

Seriously though, I do have goals. I wrote them in my planner and everything.

Last year I made goals for the whole year and accomplished 11 out of 19 of them, which I suppose isn't that bad, but isn't that good either. Some of them I am okay with scratching (paying off half of rental house principal - just too ambitious), but others I am determined to make happen (marriage conference). This year I decided to make goals for the first half of 2020 and re-evaluate/build on them in June. Someone hold me to that, okay?

Need some inspiration? Read this.

I was ugly dinosaur crying three paragraphs in. One of my goals was to clean out and brighten my office. Dan and I already emptied all of it out, now we just need to paint. I also want to add a few inspirational quotes and I think, "Life is pain - and you get to choose: either the pain of discipline or the pain of disappointment." or a few either of the above images would be exactly what I need to see everyday. Oh how I love Anne Voskamp.

That is a long way of saying Happy New Year!

We had a few people over for New Year's Eve for snacks and cards.

We played Five Crowns, I made soft pretzel bites, the best cookies, and cranberry margaritas. Dan made reubens.

Chessa made a beautiful cheese board and Danielle made cheese dip and my sister brought sparkling grape juice with candy and plastic champagne glasses. This combination was the hit of the evening.

We went to bed just before midnight and I smiled when I heard the fireworks go off and thanked God for a great 2019.

The day before New Year's Eve I sent the girls to Nonnie's house and tackled the toy room in a way I never have before. I filled a huge trash can of things that were broken and took a van full of duplicates and unplayed with toys to the good will. I then moved half of the remaining toys to the basement and what was left was a room with a few toys the girls play with all of the time, along with a new puzzle/game/coloring table.

So far, they haven't wanted to leave the room and haven't missed any of the old toys and picking up the mess takes 1 minute instead of 20. This was time well spent, but I have to remind myself to protect this space, because it is so easy for clutter to trickle in.

The day before that we spent going to church and then watching the Chiefs secure a first round bye and a home field advantage for their first playoff game. Before church Mira and I went to two grocery stores in under one hour. Writing my list in the order I walk through the store was a game changer in my efficiency.

Three days later, on New Year's Day (are you still with me?) Danielle met me at the gym for an endurance workout involving thrusters, the ERG, assault bike, and prowler that, three days later (today), I am still sore from.

Later that day we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went on a family walk. I feel like it is worth noting that preparing for a family walk with a 7 year old bike rider, 4 year old accessory lover, and 2 year old tantrum thrower, along with an anxious dog and a husband who needs to use the bathroom more than any other human I have ever met, takes as much time and energy as the walk itself, so you have to want it.

You have to want it bad.

"Mom and Dad - stop! Just stop. Look at how blue that water is. I just want to stand here and look at how blue it is forever."

That night we ate Hoppin' John and collared greens and went to bed preparing for me to go back to work after 10 days off.

So now we are back to real life. Real life with basketball practice/games and dance and small group and meal planning (we have already repeated "that chicken" with a kale/brussels hash and roasted sweet potato fries.

Real life with new challenging things out of my comfort zone at work and fellowship interviews. Real life with our church's 21 days of prayer and fasting coming up and still somehow two different family Christmas events to attend.

Happy 2020 friends. Be brave. <3

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