Monday, November 11, 2019

Three Donuts, Two Hayrides, and One Tired Momma


(No, we did not carve pumpkins this year. As I told Ina, and much to her dramatic disappointment, I just can't do it all.)

I am trying to therapeutically write after a very exhausting day of little sleep, lots of work fires to put out, a feverish Ina, and icy roads that greatly increased my child transportation responsibilities. I barely had the mental energy to answer Cora's questions on the way to dance like, "Mom, why is the letter p in the alphabet if p is a bad word?" and "don't you think the letter c looks a lot like the number 7?"

After such a great week, you would think my energy would be overflowing. After Cora's dance class last Monday I picked up Brooke and then our girls early from kids small group to take them to see Christmas Jars. I barely recognized the me that agreed to a movie that started after dark on a school night. Brooke brings out fun-Racheal. Ha!

Tuesday I took all three girls to swim lessons by myself and Wednesday we hosted our small group. Thursday Ina's school had their fall festival where we followed a map-carrying Ina from activity to activity. My personal favorite was bobbing for donuts.

Ina followed the rules exactly,

Cora nudged the donut in her direction,

and Mira just grabbed it with her hands.

We finished with a hay ride just in time to take Ina to dance lessons while Cora and Mira joined me at the grocery store and then the library. Dan pulled in from his evening just as I put the last grocery item away.

Friday night Ina and I escaped to watch the high school's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Our friend/neighbor Logan was in the musical and watching him and the rest of the very talented cast was an absolute blast.

I worked Saturday morning and made a pumpkin roll and a salad for a get together later that evening. Then I joined some friends at my new favorite place, The Peculiar Winery.

Warning: although the wine is delicious and the atmosphere is beautiful, know that you are entering a time warp when you walk through that door. You will have intentions of staying for 2 hours and look up after 5 hours of absolutely fantastic girl talk (jobs, babies, clothes, husbands, jeans size...pretty much everything) and realize that your family will be very upset with you for making them late to their next event.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Although we rolled in late, we were very excited to join our small group at our friends The Gartmans' house for a hayride and dinner.

We were all living our best lives with go karts, chickens, babies, and great conversation.

Sitting on the hay with my friends and their kids, listening to the kids chant, "Hay ride! Hay ride!" at the top of their lungs, breathing in that cold fall air. This is what memories are made of.

Dan tried to sneak off the hay ride and scare the kids, but due to a series of unfortunate events, we left him on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere in the pitch black. Fortunately, he still had cell phone reception.

Sunday morning we went to church and saw our friend Pensu, who had stayed with us a few months before.

Then we drove to my sister's house for Bauer's birthday party and left the girls there while Dan and I went to a celebration of life for a small group friend's father who had sadly passed away far too young.

(Who needs wrapping paper when you can color on an Amazon box?)

Okay, after tying that I might know why I feel a little drained today. After my 8:15 PM client call tonight, the rest of this week and weekend look a little more free and relaxing, so here's to a recharging week!

Cheeseburger soup - so delicious and a very easy way to feed a crowd.

Daal curry with chutney - 4/5 Kendricks approved.

Pumpkin roll - possibly not worth the effort, but it was beautiful.

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