Monday, November 25, 2019

Dusty Base Boards and Christmas Lights

I am currently stuck under a sleeping Cora, but luckily my laptop was within arms' reach. I have 20 minutes before we leave to go to dance, so let's get to it.

Last week was another great one, even though we have continued to spread the sickness with Cora having a fever on Wednesday and Dan and Granny both being sick today. In case you are keeping track, I am the only Kendrick who hasn't been sick. Can you see the ticking clock over my head? I am chugging my water, going to sleep early, and crossing my fingers I stay healthy, because no one has time to be sick before hosting Thanksgiving.

Monday through Thursday flew by with dance, swim, and yet another cancelled small group.

Friday we went to the Champs' house to celebrate Kyle's birthday with a delicious assortment of Indian food and leaf blowers.

We just love hanging out with their family, and Dan and I made ourselves right at home in the kitchen.

Saturday morning I woke up dark and early to make cinnamon rolls for Friendsgiving brunch at the Nybergs'.

We ate breakfast casserole, drank bloody Mary's and laughed until our faces hurt while the kids watched Disney movies and played in Silo's fort outside.

We had to leave earlyish to take Ina to dance practice with the the entire team for the closing number practice. I will admit that I am generally a less than enthusiastic dance mom. But when I stood at the door of the classroom to watch the "from the top" last run through, I couldn't help but get chills on my arms and tears in my eyes to see their hard work come together in a 3 minute song.

We came home to finish up some much needed yard work and impatiently watched the minutes until sunset tick by on the clock. While we were gone that morning, our friend/neighbor Logan worked so hard to hang up Christmas lights on our house.

When it was finally dark outside we ran out the front door and the girls didn't stop screaming for a solid minute. Every time we have backed the van out of the garage since, Mira screams, "CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!" and I make a mental note to always put them in my planner for November. (Speaking of planners, the Erin Condren Life Planner I buy ever year is 30% off  with code BLACKFRIDAY19.)

Sunday we went to church and then had the glorious, incredibly rare luxury of zero plans for the rest of the day. Dan napped. Ina and Holland melted crayons in muffin tins to make bigger crayons.

I laid out all of the clothes for the week and addressed most of our Christmas cards.

I walked down to Brooke's house for a glass of wine and we wrapped up the night halfway watching Lady and the Tramp. 

We are hosting Thanksgiving and I have done zero things to prepare other than go grocery shopping and put the frozen turkey in the refrigerator, but I am at peace with my dusty base boards and cluttered cabinets. Here are a few recipes we use:

I hope you have a fantastic week with family and friends.

Some great recipes from this week:

Pumpkin superhero muffins - I don't know why I don't make these (or the original or blueberry beet versions) more often. The girls love them and they are filled with nutrients and staying power for a great breakfast.

Pumpkin turkey chili - Sunday slow cooker dinners are my favorite

Shashuka - so easy and delicious, served with roasted broccoli and toasted sourdough. This exact meal will be happening again soon.

Slow cooker herbed chicken and rice pilaf - another slow cooker winner!

Cinnamon rolls - worth every minute of the almost three hour process

Naan - you know it is a good weekend when you use your stand mixer twice in a 12 hour period.

Crock pot pasta sauce with sausage - such a simple recipe, but so flavorful.

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