Monday, November 4, 2019

Halloween Fun

Hello and Happy Day Light Savings time!

(Cora, Baby Elsa, Baby Belle, and I had a fun Aldi date where I was manipulated into purchasing both Vanilla Wafers and Pop Tarts. Weak. So weak.)

I am currently sitting in the dance studio watching my favorite red headed ballerina while sipping on some Bengal spiced tea. I am going to try my hardest to keep a positive outlook, despite the 5 PM darkness closing in all around me.

(You know you are winning when your candy is color coordinated to your outfit.)

What a fun week! Let's go back in time to last Sunday, just after my last post. I picked up the girls at Grandma Frankie's on Sunday afternoon. When I walked in the door Ina screamed, "Nooo!!!" and Cora told me her "heart was breaking" because she was going to miss Grandma Frankie so much.

Even Mira, who doesn't let many people past her walls of "NO!" and "DON'T LOOK AT ME!" was sad to leave.

We made it home just in time to sample Dan's chicken wings, our contribution to our neighbor friend's birthday party/Chiefs game celebration.

Just in case you were wondering, even Dan's "mild" version had most people grabbing a drink of water and his "nuclear" level hotness left him drenched and sweat.

Monday Cora's dance class wore their costumes and looked just about as cute as can be while Mira made a 2 year old friend to share stolen Smarties with.

Tuesday my mom came by to stay with the kids while Dan and I went to Ina's parent teacher conference. Hearing how awesome your kid is never gets old. (If you get annoyed by bragging parents, you might want to skip the rest of this paragraph.) Ina is reading almost at the 4th grade level. Her teacher said she always asks to read her chapter books during breaks or when she gets done with work early and needs more to read than their weekly allotment from the library. She also has started doing math way above her level, which doesn't surprise me because Ina is constantly making conversations and real life situations into (simple) math problems. She actually told me, "Mom, math is in my head all the time."

She of course has challenges too, like keeping her iPad charged, forgetting her belongings (everywhere), and being a little too chatty. I also struggle with these things, so hopefully she can get guidance elsewhere. Ha!

Wednesday we cancelled our small group because of snow and ice and instead we had a nice family night watching Hocus Pocus. The girls were so excited to see a movie about three sisters, each with a different color of hair like them. They immediately took on their hair-matched roles and while we were eating dinner Cora gleefully looked at me and said, "Mom, in Hocus Pocus, I"M IN CHARGE! I get to tell Ina what to do!"

Thursday was Halloween. The kids didn't have school, so they hung out with Nonnie while I worked. After I picked them up we spent 10 minutes putting on costumes and then went to visit my grandparents at the nursing home.

The girls were of course excited to show off their costumes and may have been a little more loud than usual, which unfortunately made one of the residents uncomfortable and she wasn't nice to me about it. I know she is sick, but the people pleaser in me still felt very bad. The rest of the residents loved getting to see them in their costumes...until they accidentally knocked down the blow up scarecrow/monster thing and then I knew we had worn out our welcome.

We headed to Aunt Jessie's house next to eat soup and Trick or Treat with cousins. The big kids led the way and weren't even phased by the below freezing temperatures. The little kids knew that they candy would be rationed anyway, so they called it quits after five houses and stayed inside to play.

We ended the night with Cowboy soup and handing out candy.

Our cousin Bub Bub came into town for the Chiefs game and we picked her up from the airport in style.

We spent most of the weekend hanging out with Bub. Dan made amazing breakfast tacos and I made homemade refried beans.

Sunday the Nybergs came to our house for our monthly and we watched the Chiefs win! Then we met some neighbors for a little walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

This week is again squeezed full with dance, swim, small group, Dan helping with a project at church, and Ina's school's fall festival - and that doesn't even include the weekend. Could someone please clone me?

I hope you have a great week!

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