Monday, November 18, 2019

Down with the Sickness

Dance mom here, reporting for duty.

This picture was taken yesterday, when I was smart enough to put Cora's "clicker shoes" on before we left the house. This is in stark contrast to today, when five minutes ago I pulled into the dance parking lot and realized Cora's dance bag (nicely packed with a water bottle, snack, tap shoes, and ballet shoes) was sitting on our couch (next to Mira, who was probably still crying because I rolled in from work and was home long enough to say hi and bye before I left again).

Cora was forced to dance in her blue cowgirl boots, which apparently is completely unacceptable in her world and justified a stage 5 meltdown. Bless her heart.

Oh what a week this was. Ina was sick with a high fever Monday through Thursday.

I thought she was better when she woke up Wednesday morning acting fine and fever free, but her school called to tell me she couldn't hold her head up at lunch and her fever had returned, so to the pediatrician we went, to confirm justavirus.

Ina read a joke book to me while we were waiting to see her doctor and I was struck with how grown she is. I remember taking her to the doctor as a baby and not even bothering to pick up the joke book, because it was over her head. Then, a few years later, she so wanted to laugh at the jokes, but couldn't understand why "orange you glad I didn't say banana" was funny. Now, she was giggling at every single joke and blew threw the whole thing in a few minutes.

About the time Ina turned a corner, poor Mira's temperature spiked and she was feverish, pukey, and had a croupy cough until Saturday morning. I worked from home on Friday while keeping my sick girls, which as you might imagine, was difficult. However, there were many things that helped: Disney+, a long walk, the robot vacuum, bath time, and waking up 3 hours before the girls to bust out all necessary work from my home office in my pajamas.

Our weekend plans cleared out with the sickness, so I spent Saturday doing all the things around the house. I dumped every single item from Ina's closet and drawers onto my bed and sorted and purged. Then I labelled every drawer/door with its contents so that I am not the only one who knows where all of her stuff is. This was the most satisfying work I have done in years and I am seriously considering purchasing a label maker.

I didn't brush my teeth until the clock said PM and the girls were in their bathrobes until they took a bath and put on pajamas. It was glorious.

Brooke saved me from my organizing frenzy by asking me to ride with her to drop her son off at a birthday party and "stop by" the winery "on the way" home.

After enjoying a glass of wine and picking up a few bottles, we came back home for the biryani and naan that I had prepped before we left that Dan was finishing up.

A pot of chai tea plus the excellent company made this a perfect evening.

Sunday was church and Cora's make up dance class (the one where we remembered the bag). I successfully transferred napping Mira from her crib to her car seat, sat with her in the car during Cora's hour dance class, and then from the car to the couch to strongly finish her three hour nap. Third children's lives' can't be phased with their older siblings' activities.

After I posted our church's blog post for the week we hung around the house, ate an early dinner, and savored our (mostly) organized and (relatively) clean house. It was a really lovely night, wrapped up with a few episodes of Jack Ryan after the girls fell asleep.

Here are a few recipes from the week:

Enchilada sauce - used with some pulled pork from the freezer for a seriously delicious bath of enchiladas.

Biryani with naan - this is definitely a Saturday when you have a long time to cook type recipe and does involve spices that the typical American kitchen doesn't stock, but totally fun and worth it.

Sausage and lentil soup - so comforting and delicious!

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