Sunday, September 15, 2019

So Many Reasons to Celebrate

Hello and Happy Sunday!

This morning I went on a long walk, rocked a great church worship service, helped write our church's weekly blog post, and now am sitting with my feet reclined, coffee in hand, ready to watch some football. 

Life is good. 

Since we last talked we have celebrated four birthdays (including mine and Mira's), Dan officiated a wedding, and added another (canine) member to our family.

Two weeks ago me: "We will never have a dog in our house again."

Last Friday morning me: "We absolutely are not getting a dog. No. No. No."

Last Friday night me:

To tell the whole story, last Friday morning a sweet stray dog came to the gym and I took her home until we found her owners. In the six hours she was in our house, the girls and Dan fell in love, caught some major dog fever, and the second she left our house Dan proclaimed, "We are getting a dog. Tonight."

My arguments were drowned out by the sound of all three girls squealing, so to Wayside Waifs we went. We spent an hour looking at all the dogs and picked out six to "meet" in an open play area. All six of the dogs were sweet, but Ina fell in love with one in particular and was absolutely adamant about Giselda, a four year old black lab/retriever mix, going home with us. 

It was 8 PM and I was so hungry and tired that I had lost all of my protesting energy. So after signing a few papers and paying $130, Griselda was ours'. Of course we immediately changed her name to Lola Jean (or as Mira says, Wowa Jeeeeeeen) and I would be lying if I said I wasn't completely in love with her.

She is seriously the best dog ever. She is already potty trained. She sleeps all night long. She doesn't bark. She is fantastic company when I work from home. Her tail wags every time I enter the room. She mostly just lays around and let's the girls love on her.

Her greatest contribution might be the now necessary nightly family walks, which everyone loves.

Lola hit the ground running by joining us the next day at my nephew's first football game of the season

and then our friend Jowell's first birthday party.

We decided to leave her at home for the last birthday celebration of the night, our friend Sadie's backyard Aladdin watch party.

My friends continue to host the most amazing birthday parties with no details left untouched.

The next morning Dan and I spent 3 hours in the kitchen preparing a tailgating feast to celebrate Mira's second birthday with a few friends and family. We filled crock pots with two different kinds of cheese dip and little smokies, baked pretzel bites, whipped up fruit dip, and grilled the mother load of chicken wings. 

I also made funfetti cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting and carrot cake to mix it up a bit.

Mira wasn't a huge fun of the extra attention, but she did love the cake, cheese dip, and opening presents. A few days later she actually called me a "poopy face" because I didn't let her eat cheese dip for breakfast.

We had so much fun with friends and family, watching the Chiefs game and later swimming in our still-open-for-a-few-more-weeks pool.

The week flew by with dance, kids small group, and swim lessons and before we knew it, another Friday was here. About a year ago Dan was asked by some friends to officiate their wedding, and we have been looking forward to the day ever since.

Dan and I had two date nights built into the rehearsal dinner on Friday and the wedding on Saturday. Dan did such a great job in the ceremony with the perfect balance of joking and serious advice.

We both had a great time catching up with old friends and making new ones during the reception. They served Minsky's pizza for dinner, which I have decided is the best idea ever.

Saturday morning I had a brief wedding intermission for our church's yearly women's conference. The moment I walked in the door I was reminded of all of the truly amazing women I am surrounded by.

We listened to some amazing testimonies and sang beautiful worship songs and chatted through some breakout sessions. These women lift me up in so many ways. It was a good day.

I have now sat on the couch and ignored three move reminders on my Fitbit and am sending the Chiefs all the good vibes I can muster.

Have a great week! 

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