Sunday, September 29, 2019

Happy Fall!

Hi there and Happy Fall!

(We celebrated my birthday at the gym with one heck of a workout and carrot cake.)

The calendar says that fall starts on September 23rd, but my heart says fall starts the first time we visit a pumpkin patch, which is today, for our friend's birthday party. The girls are so excited. Every time I think of a pumpkin patch I am reminded of the fall that Mira was born and so many kind souls would take Ina and Cora on a trip out of the house for a few hours so that I could have a moment to sit and snuggle my baby. Bless them.

Also on today's agenda: eyebrow threading, church, flu shots at Target, packing for our trip next week, and watching the Chiefs game.

Last weekend a few of my friends and I packed our bags and drove to a VRBO in Kansas City for our second annual mom's weekend.

Of course we love our kids and husbands dearly, but having 48 hours of drastically decreased responsibility was absolutely lovely. We went out to dinner and brunch. We ate pretzels and Cheeze-its and drank wine.

We played so many cards, which made me pleased as punch. (Card game lovers - we loved Five Crowns- strongly recommend.)  We got ready on our own time, and then immediately changed into our pajamas. We discussed parenting, church, marriage, and of course, our kids. I am already looking forward to next year.

I returned home to find out we had the treat of having another guest from India for a week! David immediately won the girls' hearts over by teaching Ina how to draw stars, making chai tea, and giving them all beautiful purses from India.

We love having house guests and having the opportunity to learn about another culture makes everything more fun.

I hope we gave him a good picture of an American family. He was able to witness my sigh of relief as I closed the door when the girls left for the day, the hundred little tasks all complete. He also sat with us around the dinner table, telling stories about our day.

David was even able to join our small group for fellowship and he told us an amazing testimony. We were so sad to see him leave.

Last Friday was our church's dream team event. The theme was carnival and our church brought their A game. We had everything from cotton candy to nachos. Dan was in charge of the funnel cakes and I was in charge of the church's Instagram.

I laughed so hard I cried at our worship band and pastors. I love that no one there takes themselves too seriously.

Yesterday my aunt and uncle came for a short visit and tagged along to the girls dance events.

We had such blast with them. Ina was assigned her dance buddies. I don't know exactly what that means, but she was certainly excited about it.

The girls are all awake now, so time to get the day started!

A few recipes to share:

Crazy Good Korean Beef Tacos: we tripled the recipe for small group and everyone loved it.

Skillet veggie lasagna - we added sausage - very good and very easy.

Curry stand chicken tikka masala: yum

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