Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Musical that is My Life


I am coming to you from inside the sauna that is the mid-west right in August. We have started 'sweat angels' competitions during our breaks at the gym.

Although it is somewhat gross and sticky, I love leaving there feeling like I gave my workout my all, which a drenched tank top and sweating shins help to confirm.

Let's back up to last Monday morning, when  Danielle texted me to ask if I wanted to have dinner that night...wait for it...without children or husbands.

I couldn't reply YES fast enough. When they lived with us, Danielle and I had many quiet mornings together, working out, sipping coffee, meal planning, and chatting. I greatly miss this time and jumped at the opportunity to hang out with her again.

We went to Pig and Finch, whose cocktails and food did not disappoint. I am still dreaming about the Brussels sprouts. We chatted...well...mostly I chatted while she listened, and before I knew it 3 hours had flown by.

While I was away Dan was texting me pictures and videos of Mira and Ina and Cora went to see Aladdin with Grandma Frankie.

Tuesday Brooke and Holland came over for dinner and some swimming. I hadn't seen Brooke for over five minutes in over a week and that was just way too long. I love her to pieces.

I have no memories from Wednesday night, which likely means we ate dinner and went to bed.

Thursday Ina started her competition dance class.

Yes, we are going there, even though two years ago I swore we never ever ever would. What can I say...things change.

The weekdays ended in the best way possible: Ina and Cora's Seussical the Musical performance, a musical based on the Dr. Seuss books we know and love.

The girls (along with the rest of the cast) had gone to camp/rehearsal for only 9 days, so while I was expecting the show to be cute, I wasn't anticipating anything close to the quality performance that I saw.

These kids have some great talent! Few things will keep me willingly out of bed with a smile on my face past 10 PM.

Ina came home from camp many days telling me that Cora refused to participate or didn't listen to the teacher, so imagine my surprise when my favorite red head was up there with the rest of the cast, expressions animated and voice singing loud without a tear or pout to be seen.

Ina's friend Zowie was in the audience, which made Ina so excited.

Saturday was a day. My grandparents were moving to a different assisted living place and came to stay with us for the day while I was working, I had scheduled to have the girls' hair cut (by Kim, who amazingly does house calls), and the house had to be picked up to be cleaned that night.

By 11 am I was so frazzled that I could barely form sentences and was incredibly happy to be leaving the house to celebrate Dan's grandma's 90th birthday party. In true Racheal-fashion, I made hoagie dip and then proceeded to leave it sitting in my refrigerator. Apparently getting me plus 6 other people out the door in clean clothes and hair brushed is my maximum capacity.

My hoagie dip was not missed one bit, because Papa Dana prepared an amazing spread of food.

We enjoyed catching up with family, particularly baby cousin Delaney, popping balloons, and eating more desserts than typically allowed.

Sunday was a well deserved day of rest, when a measly two items were on my to-do list, and only one of them was checked off when the day was over.

Ina did move to the "big kids" class at church, which she enjoyed so much she begged to go back with Brooke to the youth service that night.

Our rest on Sunday was partially required, when early afternoon Dan started shivering with a fever and coughing, neither of which improved as the day went on despite multiple medical interventions attempted by his in-house pharmacist. Yesterday's doctor's appointment confirmed he has bronchitis. We are hoping the antibiotics kick in today. Poor guy.

We are thinking Dan has what Ina had for two weeks, but according to Ina is much worse because he has, "asthma, pneumonia, AND AN INFECTION." I tried to explain to her that pneumonia was the same thing as an infection, just a specific type, but she wasn't hearing it. She also dramatically wrote Holland a note to leave in her mail box that read, and I quote, "My dad is sick. He has an infection of the lungs. To: Holland. From: Ina."

Speaking of infections, when I was putting in my earrings yesterday Cora jealously watched me and said/whined, "But mom, I want to have a ear infection too!"

And because I don't want to leave Mira out, she has started to say, "Thank you Mommy" when I give her a drink or a snack and I completely melt every single time. She also unsuccessfully attempted to change her own (very) dirty diaper during our "day of rest" which quickly required a mid-day shower.

Dan's sickness (plus the girls having to go with Granny and Memaw to all day doctors appointments) put me in the unfortunate predicament of taking three very tried and very agitated girls to two meet the teacher/back to school nights at two different schools in under one hour all by myself.

Really, the picture says it all. There were multiple tantrums thrown about having to leave the room we were currently in (and the toys inside) to get to the next room, lots of whining and use of the world "no", and I accidentally flipped a desk over (I wish I was joking). The good news is that Cora is with Ina's old pre-school teachers, whom we absolutely adored, and Ina seemed excited about her new classroom and teacher.

Repeat after me: This is going to be a great school year.

Two recipes you need to make this week. Yes, this week:

Better than Takeout Cashew Basil Chicken - will be repeated very soon.

Pizza Chicken - made on the smoker to take it to the next level. Cora pretends to make this every day in her toy kitchen.

Have a great week! See you next time with first day of school pictures where everyone has a bright and shining smile (thinking positive here).

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