Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Back to School + Your Next Meal Plan


We have started school and are all the way back in the full swing of things with weekly clothes laid out, activity bags organized, and lunches packed.

I have almost completed all of the random tasks that come along with the first day of school. Send in a family photograph! Clorox wipes donations would be nice! Sign up for this app! Pay this device fee! See this bus schedule! I honestly can't complain, we all know I love a planner full of checked boxes.

Ina has come home from school every day with hair that is tangled and plastered to her forehead with sweat, happy to report what she learned and exactly who in her class has misbehaved and what his/her consequence was.

On the other side of the spectrum, while Cora has absolutely adored her first week of preschool, many of the exact details remain fuzzy.

When I ask Cora who she played with, she answers with, "the boy with the boy shirt" or "my new friend that is a girl." This morning I caught Ina lecturing Cora on her teachers' names and having her repeat them back.

Although photographic evidence would suggest Mira was not thrilled about her sisters going to school, deep down we all know she thrives at being the only child.

Even though we are back to school, we are still soaking up as much time as possible in the pool, and don't plan for that to stop anytime soon, as I scheduled the closing for the last week in September.  How many friends can we have visit to swim in between now and then?

Ina has also recently become obsessed with kite flying and resorts to having Cora hold it is the air when she is otherwise unsuccessful at getting the kite off the ground.

The humidity at 5 am has increased, which I didn't think was possible, which if anything has forced me to complete push ups from my feet, as my knees just slip around on the ground.

Here is your meal plan for next week. I strongly recommend you try all of these recipes.

Chicken enchilada skillet- chopping up the tortillas! what a concept! With my favorite enchilada sauce, of course.

TWENTY MINUTE sheet pan shrimp tacos (added chicken to the sheet pan for my little ladies that don't like shrimp). We liked this so much I made it two nights in a row.

Chicken satay with peanut sauce. We made this the night the Champs came for dinner and Gunner told me it was his new favorite food - better than mac and cheese.

The best Korean tacos - made with ground beef and no marinating with ease while my family was swimming in the pool and Mira was watching Frozen for the 3000th time. Make these NOW. Yes, I am yelling at you. I added kale and quinoa to the leftovers for the best salad of my life.

Tater tot casserole - a clean version that my family loved so much they all complained when the pan was empty. Mira actually cried and asked, "more?" over and over again, even when I tried to distract her with a chocolate chip cookie. Will make again very soon.

We have a very full weekend coming up with two birthday parties, guests for dinner, church activities, and a very fun double date night. I hope you have a great end to your week! <3

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