Friday, July 19, 2019

Serving Up Food, Entertainment, and Puke Bowls

I am currently sitting on my bed next to a feverish Ina, a puke bowl, and my work computer. I have spent all day switching back and forth between scientist and nurse, and have decided to give up on the science because just when I was deep in thought on a project, Ina awoke from her 103.2 degree induced slumber and needed a drink, or some broth, or a lighter blanket, or a heavier blanket, or to tell me her legs feel like something is trying to come out of them...

Here's hoping this is a 24 hour bug and I will have my normal Ina back soon.

However, I don't know if I would use the word "normal" to describe her. Just last weekend, when all of her cousins were playing a game of Categories in the pool, she proclaimed that her favorite sport was "learning."

I adore my little mathlete.

She also recently asked me if fireworks were only white in the "black and white days" and was reluctant to believe me when I explained that although TV and pictures were black and white, color actually did exist in real life.

While we are on the topic of funny things my daughters say...

Mira has started asking, "WHY?!?" when something happens that she isn't happy about, like when she can't have candy, she has to come inside, and can't sleep in our bed. I am positive the other two did not have this type of negotiating skills when they were less than 2 years old.

Mira also likes to be "nakie" and I have to watch her like a hawk to ensure her diaper stays in place. This has become vitally important to the cleanliness of our pool and I must admit a few emergency evacuations have been performed.

Although Cora is constantly making me giggle with her cartoonish facial expressions and sayings, I can't think of a specific funny thing she has said that is appropriate to document on the internet, which I am sure is due to sleep deprivation (see below), so I will report back on her.

We are continuing to enjoy a summer full of company, entertaining, and swimming.

One night we had a proper dinner with The Bollingers, a family that lives down the street and goes to our church. Brooke (the mom) and I have become good friends and Holland (the daughter) and Ina have become good friends, and they often stop by for a swim or a bite, but always last minute. This time I invited them a whole 12 hours beforehand, on a whim after I stuck some ribs in the oven at 7 am and thought, we need someone to help us eat all of this.

(One night a few of our other neighbor friends were over playing when I was serving left over boxed macaroni and cheese for dinner, they informed me that their mom puts "real cheese" in her mac and cheese. Ha!)

We hosted a (slightly delayed) 4th of July get together for my family, and while no pictures were taken, I will try to remember playing 5 point pitch with  my grandparents, eating my sister in law's amazing banana pudding, and watching the girls enjoy their cousins in the pool.

In between those two gatherings, last Saturday we participated in our church's Serve Day event. This year I organized a freezer meal team. (Dan picked up trash, which kind of explains the sombrero, but really Dan just being Dan is enough of an explanation.)

We made 6 freezer meals (enchiladas, chicken pot pie, breakfast sandwiches, chicken and stuffing casserole, hamburger noodle casserole, sausage gumbo) for 5 families that could use help in the meal department. I have to be honest and say I had no idea how much joy I would get from delivering good food to good people. This might become a regular thing around here...

Cora continues to adore her swim lessons (and is swimming without a puddle jumper at home!) and Ina is doing a little trial competitive dance class (and loves it!) and Ina and Cora both start musical camp next week.

Dan and I have developed an obsession with Stranger Things, watching an episode every night after the girls fall asleep. When Season 3 is over I will be equally sad and thankful to be back to a normal sleep schedule.

Even though I don't mention it here often, I still show up at the gym every morning at 5 am, ready to tackle whatever workout Liz and Janet have dreamed up and love feeling stronger with every workout.

A few recipes I have been loving:
- Honey chicken kebobs (also good with shrimp) served with a box of wild rice
- Cesar dressing (with a mix of kale and lettuce and roasted chickpeas) - I have eaten this HUGE salad every day for lunch for the past two weeks.
-Melting potatoes - the perfect side to any grilled dinner.
- Cottage cheese salad - the tomatoes in our garden are finally ready!

Oh, and we had dinner at our friends the Nybergs' house and they served Rachel Hollis's cowboy steak salad and it was everything.

Next week is Cora's birthday, so hopefully I will have a healed family and some celebrating to report. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! <3

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