Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Big Mabel 4th of July

Let's pretend like I posted this a few days ago...

This week started out like the weekend ended, with more swimming and more friends to enjoy. On Monday, my friends Brooke and Mallory and their children came for a swim.

I rediscovered how refreshing watermelon sprinkled with salt can be and have proclaimed it the perfect pool snack, as long as I can prevent my daughters from fighting over the salt shaker.

I had put some fresh beets in the oven to roast and while we were swimming Dan grilled pork chops. As we sat down at the table I opened up a carton of cottage cheese. All were devoured while trying to keep the girls awake long enough to eat their dinner. Summer dinners are my favorite.

On Tuesday, our friends the Cartwrights brought us dinner. Seriously. You guys, I strongly recommend getting a pool, because life is just more fun. No pictures were captured, but ribs and corn on the cob were inhaled and a few basketballs were shot in the pool.

Wednesday I wrapped things up at work and packed our entire family up for a few days at my aunt and uncle's lake house to celebrate Independence Day and visit them and my cousins.

Our days there were filled with swimming off the dock, boat rides, card playing, dance parties, eating delicious food, watching movies, and generally enjoying each other.

Although perhaps she didn't want to, Ina braved a ride on Big Mabel. After watching the video, I can confirm she did not crack a smile the entire five minutes she was moving, but she lived to tell about her survival.

Cora jumped off the dock hundreds of times in her adorable mermaid swimsuit, but then fell and skinned her knees, and spent the rest of the trip mostly out of the water playing with her cousin Bauer, who also conveniently preferred to stay dry.

Mira called the lake, "ocean" and hung out on the ladder with her trusty life jacket. When not at the ladder she was at my feet crying, "hold me!"

I went tubing with my nephew Kauffman and laughed until I cried. I also went knee boarding and was so proud of myself to have got up on the first try and stay up until my legs and arms gave up 5 minutes later.

Proud until it was my sister's turn and she immediately started doing tricks like flipping herself around and skirting out of the wake all while looking like she was giving the tasks minimal effort and attention.  Add that to list of reasons why she is awesome.

We hit up the local bar's karaoke one night and everyone had a blast singing along, dancing, and shaking our instruments. Kauffman sang John Deer Green with Ina and Cora standing in front of him with the proudest looks on their faces.

You better believe that all three girls slept the entire drive home, but before she fell asleep and since she woke up back home, Cora has been begging to go back. Begging.

Now we are back to real life, with Dan starting a new job and my work being very busy and somehow having something on the calendar every night this week and a full weekend schedule, even though I swore that in July things would be less busy...

I will have recipes to share next week! <3

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