Saturday, June 8, 2019

Back to Reality

(We travel with basic necessities only)

The night before we left for vacation, we had a blast at the preschool's carnival.

Although we technically don't currently have a child in school there, our participation in Parents as Teachers scored us an invite.

Cora and Mira couldn't be drug away from the bubbles and Ina hung around the slime station, which was luckily being run by her old preschool teachers, who she absolutely adored and misses so so much.

Much to the girls' dismay, we had to leave a few minutes early to make Ina's first t-ball game of the season.  The jury is still out as to if Ina actually enjoys t-ball, but sitting in the stands seemed to at least fill some sort of internal summer obligation. Next time we will bring sunflower seeds.

The next 10 days were spent on vacation mode, but because Mira wouldn't sleep in the hotel room on the way back, we left Nashville at 3:30 am and made it home in plenty of time to run to Aldi, finish up laundry, and cook a tasty dinner for friends.

Ina went with my friend Brooke and her friend Holland to swim, as if the last 10 days of swimming wasn't enough.

Monday morning was a rough one when we all realized we had to go back to real life with school, work, dishes and dance, but we made it through and by Monday night the pool was completely open and ready for business! After dance lessons the girls and Dan made the chilly decision to take a short dip.

The absolute best decision I have made this year was hiring a company to open and maintain our pool. Budget be damned, if I spent 30 minutes vacuuming that pool only to realize the hose wasn't connected ONE MORE TIME, I was going to pull all of my hair out.

We have swam in the pool every night this week. That darn thing is so much money and work, but man do we have fun with it.

(Yes, that is an adorable Mira booty. Pretend like a made a good transition here)

Our childcare situation is a unique one in that Granny watches Cora and Mira 4 days a week, with Danielle anchoring Fridays. This usually works in our favor with sick kids and rides to swim lessons, etc. However, unfortunately Dan's grandma, Granny's mom, has cancer and is getting chemo treatments, which Granny takes her to.

An infusion center isn't the best place for two little girls, so I try to work from home on those mornings every other week until Granny returns. I use the term "work" very freely, because in reality I try to log on early and stay on later and while the girls are with me I mostly fight email fires and attend meetings while heavily counting on Paw Patrol for help. During one such meeting, Mira found my nail polish bag.

I still haven't found the bottle she used and am a little scared to look much further.

Last night was dress rehearsal for Ina and Cora's dance recital and despite my dramatic dreading of the day, it went fairly smoothly. Cora went on stage for every single song with a huge smile on her face while I enthusiastically smiled, clapped, and thumbs-uped from the audience. This was a drastic contrast to the rehearsal 6 months prior, when she absolutely refused to get on stage.

As usual, Ina shined her heart out and only one of the EIGHT wardrobe changes caused a fight, and, surprise, surprise, it involved tights. Tights, ugh, the bane of my existence.

The recital is today, so many pictures are to come!

Here are some recipes to share:

For lunches this week I have made eggs in a basket - an old favorite, so healthy and filling.

Another old favorite - overnight oats! Equal parts (I used 1/2 cup) of oats, almond milk, and plain full fat Greek yogurt, mixed and left in the fridge for at least a few hours and up to a few days. Top with fruit and enjoy!

Dan's turkey burgers with roasted sweet potato fries and cucumber/tomato salad- the girls devoured these, so they are happening again soon.

Cashew chicken lettuce wraps with rice (packed in Pyrex and shuttled to dance practice, because after a week of vacation I refuse the alternative drive through dinner). This recipe is becoming another staple in our house - so easy and so tasty!

Grilled pork chops, fried cabbage and potatoes. Dan was in charge of dinner this night and he delivered. He grills the best pork chops.

Green chicken with green sauce, grilled corn on the cob, roasted broccoli and cauliflower.

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