Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Best Thing About Spring

Hello! Let's pretend like it is last week when I wrote this post but forgot to actually post it....

Do you want to know the absolute best thing about Spring?

There are so many great things - walking home from the gym and listening to the birds chirp their morning songs, hearing the frog croak outside our kitchen window, enjoying the beautiful flowers, and the amazing sunshine.

But, the very best thing is that during spring, the neighborhood kids that have been trapped inside all winter emerge from their houses and play with my children. So, instead of my children crying "Mom! Mom! Mooooommmmm!" while I am trying to cook dinner, do the laundry, clean the dishes, and feed the dog, they are otherwise entertained.

In a matter of days our streets went from empty and dreary to full and spotted with the bright colors of bikes, scooters, and basketballs. And kids...lots of them.

As soon as we pull in the driveway, Ina puts on her helmet and hops on her bike while Cora scoots down the street to see "her friends." Mira grabs my pinky finger and we walk down the street, and then back to home to start dinner, and then back down to check on the girls, then back home to check on dinner, repeating this process until dinner is ready. Then Cora doesn't want to go home and Mira doesn't want me to carry her and our dog got out of the fence again and it is raining and my heart rate graph looks very similar to the workout I had that morning...

I have also made friends with one of the moms in the neighborhood - Brooke! She shares my taste in beverages, allows my girls to play on her swing set, and lets me create meal plans and grocery lists for her, so she is pretty much the best.

Another highlight of late is that Mira's language has started to explode. She is adding multiple new words a day, like shoe, sock, cow, and moon, but my favorites so far are peese (please) and shishy (sissy - who is Cora; "Ina" was one of her first words).

Ina had Grandparent's Day at school, which was strategically during the book fair, so our family now has lots of new and fun reading material.

We also went to one of Ina's classmate's birthday parties at a trampoline park and I jumped and played for a little bit. I was feeling pretty cool and even attempted a few knee flips, but then decided my bladder wasn't strong enough for such showing off. So instead I almost died on the rock wall.

This past week we have had friends over for dinner three different nights which is always so fun and makes the week fly by.  The Champs stayed after small group for dinner on Sunday. The Davis family came over for tacos on Tuesday and the Cartwrights helped us eat grilled chicken on Friday. Add "entertaining" to the list of why spring is great.

Stayed tuned for an Easter post...hopefully soon.

This weeks' book: Where the Crawdads Sing. Recommend. Ugh, so good. I lost a lot of sleep over this one, trying to finish it as fast as possible.

Recipes to Share:

French onion chicken: delicious, even though I used way less cheese

Back Pocket Turkey Bolognese - wonderful - next time remind me to double it.

Cuban Sandwiches with slaw (told you they were on the menu again. I already want more. Recommend making your own rolls if you want it to be extra special.)

One Dish Wonder (cubed steak with veggies)- a very popular and easy dish at my house

Grilled chicken legs, baked potatoes (in the crock pot), and a salad - no recipes but just a reminder that dinner can be simple and delicious and have very little hands on time.

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