Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Easter 2019

Question - how many Easter egg hunts does it take to spoil a child?

Answer - after extensive research, I have found it is 3 egg hunts, plus a few extra Easter baskets.

What a fun and beautiful weekend celebrating our Savoir and Risen King!

The weekend started out great with having our dear friends The Cartwrights over for dinner on Friday. They were in our small group for years (actually, the people who convinced us to start one), but then decided to start their own. I was so proud, but I also miss them terribly. Hanging out with them was just what I needed.

I worked Saturday morning, while also making rolls and carrot cake (<-- extra points if you candy the pecans that go on top). When I finished talking with my last patient we packed up and headed down to my Grandma Beverly's for her church's Easter egg hunt.

I have so many childhood memories from that church and I loved getting to see my girls have a blast playing games, eating cookies, drinking Kool-aid, and hunting for eggs.

We went to my grandma's house after for lunch and family time. We rotated in and out of the house for the rest of the afternoon. Then, my sister and her family stopped by our house for a few hours, which was lovely. I adore hanging out with them and wish their calendars were a little emptier and their house was a little closer.

I woke up super, super early on Sunday to start the cinnamon rolls, and then also made buckeye brownies, a veggie tray, and french onion dip (the caramelized onions are delicious). I was putting the last dish in the dishwasher when I heard the girls start to stir.

When they woke up to their Easter baskets Ina proclaimed that Easter was the best day of her life. Apparently a paint by sticker book, a LOL doll (what are these things?!?), and a new pair of goggles was all it took. Cora was all kinds of excited about her newest Little People Princesses and Mira was so happy to eat gummy bears for breakfast.

We hurriedly dressed, curled, and bow-ed and ran out the door to our absolutely amazing church service. I practically cried the entire time. Not just because of how thankful I am for my salvation (obviously), but also because of how thankful I am for all the wonderful people in my church. They are just the absolute best.

After church the girls and I headed to Grandma Frankie's for lunch while Dan stayed back for more church stuff. The girls barely noticed he was missing with all the fun that was to be had there.

They blew bubbles, hunted eggs, and flew kites. Mira covered herself and her new Easter dress in melted chocolate.

Before we knew it, our time was up and we changed clothes and headed to my dad's farm for our final "party" as Ina called it.

We cooked hot dogs over an open fire (by "we" I mean someone else other than me) while the kids ran around and enjoyed each other. After eating we went fishing in the same pond and on the same dock that I fished on during my entire childhood. All the kids caught multiple fish and Ina somehow managed to get her line tangled with the fish basket and the bracelet she was wearing (she is no doubt my child). We wrapped up the evening with yet another egg hunt and left just as the sun was setting.

I still don't think we have caught up on sleep. This was as perfect an Easter as I could ever hope for. <3

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