Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Happy DST!

Happy DST!

I generally loathe time change and all the interference it has with children sleeping, car-clock adjusting, and pharmacokinetic sample timing. BUT, yesterday when I drove the girls to and from dance and to and from the grocery store with the sun shining in my face, my mood soared and I felt like anything was possible.

Anything, like convincing a 3 year old red head that she cannot wear her sparkly rainbow dance recital costume with sequins and tulle 24/7, 3 months before the recital. I must admit, she did look awfully cute in it.

(Two different people sent this to me within a few hours of each other.)

Anything, like writing a report that never ends, with infinite comparisons and constantly changing results.

Anything, like waking up at what would normally be 3:40 AM for the gym.

Who knew that sunlight could impact my mood so much? (Everyone knew.)

Since we last talked, things are going so smoothly at our house. We had multiple guests stay the night, went out to eat twice with family twice, and watched my niece and nephew play basketball.

My sister is the coach of my niece's team, and I may have been just as proud of my sister and her amazing patience as I was of my niece and her cutest little dribbling skills.

My nephew also played great and scored multiple baskets-. Both teams won, so we had a lot to cheer for.  In true Kendrick family fashion, the girls were as follows:

  • Ina - going back and forth between disrupting the game and completely ignoring it.
  • Cora - taking another kid's toys
  • Mira - kicking her feet back and forth, so happy to be sitting in the stands and have a reason to clap.

My dad took all the kids (except Mira) to see the new How to Train Your Dragon movie. We have recently watched the first two and they are so stinking cute. I was slightly jealous I didn't go with them.

We have quite a social weekend up ahead, with lots of things in spring to look forward to. Anticipation is one of the best joys in life.

Recipes to Share:

Spaghetti squash bake - everyone except Cora loved this one. Dan said it tasted like lasagna!

Chorizo pinto beans - this will become a staple in our house. We used regular chorizo, soaked the pinto beans before hand, and cooked for 30 minutes twice to get everything nice and smooshed together. Served with rice, salsa, and avocados.

Asparagus hard boiled egg salad: this salad is so, so, so delicious. Make it now for breakfast, lunch, or a side before asparagus is no longer on sale.

Lemony lemon brownie bites: I made these on the day it snowed many extra inches to show mother nature I am ready for spring. FYI: they will taste great even if you do let them bake too long because you have to get three girls ready for church by yourself.

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