Monday, February 11, 2019

When an Amazon Prime Family Enters Target

Highlights from the past few days:

1. I found my "lost" retainer in the depths of my hair supplies drawer, under my hair dryer.

2. 2018 taxes are filed!

3. We have been a lice free house for greater than 3 weeks.

So, as you can tell, things are pretty wild over here.

We are continuing to trudge through the never ending winter. Even though Friday and Saturday were good days involving otherwise exciting things like a church marriage event, a sparkling clean house, and consignment sale organizing, I couldn't get out of a funk. By the time Saturday evening rolled around I finally decided to just eat a bologna sandwich and go to bed.

But then Sunday came with church and errands and a family lunch out at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and small group (so amazing) and my spirits lifted considerably.

After we ate our weight in chips and salsa I dropped Dan off to get his hair cut while I took all three girls to Target for Ina's Valentine's Day box supplies.

After a few seconds in the store I realized that my girls have rarely been to Target (we are strictly an Aldi and Amazon Prime family), as they stood in the front of the cart shouting out the names of every little thing they saw:

Ina: Mom, look, a sparkly pillow!

Cora: Mom, look, a paw patrol sucker!

Mira (hair in her face because she refuses to keep a pony in and dried salsa covering her mouth because sometimes I just can't): MAAAAOOOOOOMMMM!!!!! 

Mira joyously screamed the entire time we were there. Ina affectionately noted that Mira was in fact living her absolute best life. We made many patrons laugh.

I was very nervous about making Ina's Valentine's Day box because we both tend to have anxiety over projects like this and usually someone gets upset. However, Target has pre-made kits and Ina didn't even think to hint that I was totally cheating to buy one. Actually two, because it would be unfair for Cora not to have anything that involves a red headed mermaid.

When we were putting the boxes together and then labeling her slime gifts to her class, Ina casually mentioned that if she could have picked her mom out, she would have picked me and I just about melted on the floor.

Just like her daddy, she's a charmer and she knows it. Ina also complimented my ability to write the word, "SLIME" in a "slimy way" multiple times. I guess she knew I needed a little pick me up. <3

We heavily relied on leftovers this week, but I do have a few recipes to share:

ONE POT sausage and sun dried tomato pasta with broccoli: make this immediately. I multiplied the recipe by 1.5 and we still didn't have a single bit of leftovers.

Sloppy Joe's with baked sweet potatoes- I doubled the recipe and froze the leftovers. Future me will be very thankful.

Flourless chocolate blender muffins (with black beans, I promise, you can't taste them!) - just do it. Dan had one for breakfast today and told me they tasted like dessert.

Also, if you plan on staying in on Valentine's Day, here are some fun recipes to make!

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