Saturday, January 19, 2019

Winter Sick List

Just about the time that I hit "Publish" on my Winter Fun List, my children all decided to get sick and the weather decided to be really, really yucky, making "fun" a little harder to come by. Mira started the fever trend, then Ina quickly caught up. She had a fever from Sunday to Thursday night, a horrible cough that kept us all up all night, and missed an entire week of school. Cora was the last to join in, but still sounds horrible when she tries to talk.

Everyone was fever free yesterday, which I is something to be very thankful for.

Although I haven't left the house much, with the exception of hosting fellowship interviews and grocery shopping, and of course the gym, things have actually been going well over here. A few highlights:

(5 am is a beautiful time to exercise in a winter wonderland)

- The Chiefs won their playoff game! This is a very exciting time to live in Kansas City.

- During the winter storm last weekend, the girls' parents as teachers teacher (who I adore and always end up chatting with more than we probably should) was without power. She and her husband came over for some electricity and a hot shower and we had a great day hanging out in my messy house. Dan had been plowing for about 30 hours before that and I was ready to pull my hair out being stuck in the house with no adult interaction. They were an answered prayer!

- I made mussels! I don't know if this is something we will do regularly, but I tried something new in the kitchen, which was my goal. When I pictured myself preparing this dish, I was peacefully sipping on a glass of wine and listening to music. But in reality Mira was screaming at my feet to be held and  I didn't select a big enough strainer, so a few shells shattered on my counter/floor. Next stop: risotto.

- We "tidied up" the toy room and every time I walk by it feels like a serious breath of fresh air. The girls have been playing in there so much more and "found" toys for 2013 that are getting a new life. Our closet is the next thing on the list, which shouldn't take me too long...but poor Dan will be in there all weekend. He has a very difficult time parting with, well, anything, clothing included.

- We used some Christmas money to buy a cordless Dyson and I am totally obsessed and vacuuming every surface in my house (and car!)...until the battery runs out. Thanks Mom!

A few great weeknight recipes: sheet pan sausage, peppers, and potatoes (seriously one of the easiest things ever) and slow cooker picadillo (a long time family favorite).

I have been using lentils for lunch prep and I loved this vegan lentil stew as well as this 8 minute pantry daal.

We have also been on a muffin kick. I really like these morning glories and these banana-white bean blender ones too!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and here's to the second half of January being a little more exciting! <3

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