Wednesday, January 2, 2019

19 Goals for 2019

Good morning and Happy Happy 2019!

Have you heard that how you spent New Year's Day is indicative of how you will spend your year? If that is true, I will spent most of 2019 looking for my keys, which sounds pretty accurate.

We spent NYE at home, eating reubens (all the girls love them!), watching Annie, and going to bed at 10 PM. Ina seemed to enjoy the fake countdown I made up right before we went upstairs and I almost felt bad about missing the real deal.

Yesterday we had Hoppin' John and Collard Greens. (A few notes on the recipes: for the Hoppin' John, I used Tony Chachere's creole seasoning and doubled the recipe. For the greens, I wouldn't use sesame oil next time).

So how about some goals for 2019?

I know that every blog you read has a  post like this, but I love this sort of stuff. Except for last year, apparently I didn't, because I tried to check my goals from last year and it turns out I didn't set any.

Weird. Maybe I was a little overwhelmed on December 31, 2017? Honestly, I don't really remember.

From big to small, here are some ways to make this year great!

1.Not complain about winter, instead embrace it. This article about people without the sun for days is incredibly interesting.
2. Do something about my eyebrows. Geeze.
3. Improve and meet work goals. Every year at work we have to set 4 to 5 goals for the year. I have to admit that the last few years, between babies and maternity leaves, my goals haven't been very lofty. I hope to change that this year and put my foot on the career gas pedal.
4. Write thank you cards. Or at the very least, send thank you texts.
5. Have professional family photos taken. Print them out. Hang them on our walls.
6. Do a photo family 2019 book in real time. Include fun things the girls say, memories of things we did together, etc.
7. Outsource house cleaning. And pool cleaning/maintenance (does it count as outsourcing if I assign this to Dan?).
8. Start serving at church in a different way other than small group leader.
9. Go to a Christian concert.
10. Go to a marriage conference.
11. Take three vacation days (spread out) just for me. The kids will still go to school/daycare. I ended 2019 with about 4 leftover vacation days which surprised me.
12. Go on a few family trips - one big out out of the state (hopefully) and a few smaller ones in the state.
13. Payoff half of our rental house principal. We really want to get this paid off by the end of 2020 and I think we can do it!
14. Read a chapter of the bible a day. Just one chapter, but better than nothing.
15. Do a pull-up. I want this so bad.
16. Start a book club. Or maybe join a book club.
17. Read 25 books. Totally doable.
18. Maintain my weight/size/health. For the first time in a long time, on December 31 I feel absolutely fantastic. Not perfect, but great for me. I just want to be happy with the way my body is right now.
19. Average two blog posts per week. One more topical post (I have pretty much stopped writing these) and one weekly summary

Have a great rest of your week!

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