Monday, November 18, 2019

Down with the Sickness

Dance mom here, reporting for duty.

This picture was taken yesterday, when I was smart enough to put Cora's "clicker shoes" on before we left the house. This is in stark contrast to today, when five minutes ago I pulled into the dance parking lot and realized Cora's dance bag (nicely packed with a water bottle, snack, tap shoes, and ballet shoes) was sitting on our couch (next to Mira, who was probably still crying because I rolled in from work and was home long enough to say hi and bye before I left again).

Cora was forced to dance in her blue cowgirl boots, which apparently is completely unacceptable in her world and justified a stage 5 meltdown. Bless her heart.

Oh what a week this was. Ina was sick with a high fever Monday through Thursday.

I thought she was better when she woke up Wednesday morning acting fine and fever free, but her school called to tell me she couldn't hold her head up at lunch and her fever had returned, so to the pediatrician we went, to confirm justavirus.

Ina read a joke book to me while we were waiting to see her doctor and I was struck with how grown she is. I remember taking her to the doctor as a baby and not even bothering to pick up the joke book, because it was over her head. Then, a few years later, she so wanted to laugh at the jokes, but couldn't understand why "orange you glad I didn't say banana" was funny. Now, she was giggling at every single joke and blew threw the whole thing in a few minutes.

About the time Ina turned a corner, poor Mira's temperature spiked and she was feverish, pukey, and had a croupy cough until Saturday morning. I worked from home on Friday while keeping my sick girls, which as you might imagine, was difficult. However, there were many things that helped: Disney+, a long walk, the robot vacuum, bath time, and waking up 3 hours before the girls to bust out all necessary work from my home office in my pajamas.

Our weekend plans cleared out with the sickness, so I spent Saturday doing all the things around the house. I dumped every single item from Ina's closet and drawers onto my bed and sorted and purged. Then I labelled every drawer/door with its contents so that I am not the only one who knows where all of her stuff is. This was the most satisfying work I have done in years and I am seriously considering purchasing a label maker.

I didn't brush my teeth until the clock said PM and the girls were in their bathrobes until they took a bath and put on pajamas. It was glorious.

Brooke saved me from my organizing frenzy by asking me to ride with her to drop her son off at a birthday party and "stop by" the winery "on the way" home.

After enjoying a glass of wine and picking up a few bottles, we came back home for the biryani and naan that I had prepped before we left that Dan was finishing up.

A pot of chai tea plus the excellent company made this a perfect evening.

Sunday was church and Cora's make up dance class (the one where we remembered the bag). I successfully transferred napping Mira from her crib to her car seat, sat with her in the car during Cora's hour dance class, and then from the car to the couch to strongly finish her three hour nap. Third children's lives' can't be phased with their older siblings' activities.

After I posted our church's blog post for the week we hung around the house, ate an early dinner, and savored our (mostly) organized and (relatively) clean house. It was a really lovely night, wrapped up with a few episodes of Jack Ryan after the girls fell asleep.

Here are a few recipes from the week:

Enchilada sauce - used with some pulled pork from the freezer for a seriously delicious bath of enchiladas.

Biryani with naan - this is definitely a Saturday when you have a long time to cook type recipe and does involve spices that the typical American kitchen doesn't stock, but totally fun and worth it.

Sausage and lentil soup - so comforting and delicious!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Three Donuts, Two Hayrides, and One Tired Momma


(No, we did not carve pumpkins this year. As I told Ina, and much to her dramatic disappointment, I just can't do it all.)

I am trying to therapeutically write after a very exhausting day of little sleep, lots of work fires to put out, a feverish Ina, and icy roads that greatly increased my child transportation responsibilities. I barely had the mental energy to answer Cora's questions on the way to dance like, "Mom, why is the letter p in the alphabet if p is a bad word?" and "don't you think the letter c looks a lot like the number 7?"

After such a great week, you would think my energy would be overflowing. After Cora's dance class last Monday I picked up Brooke and then our girls early from kids small group to take them to see Christmas Jars. I barely recognized the me that agreed to a movie that started after dark on a school night. Brooke brings out fun-Racheal. Ha!

Tuesday I took all three girls to swim lessons by myself and Wednesday we hosted our small group. Thursday Ina's school had their fall festival where we followed a map-carrying Ina from activity to activity. My personal favorite was bobbing for donuts.

Ina followed the rules exactly,

Cora nudged the donut in her direction,

and Mira just grabbed it with her hands.

We finished with a hay ride just in time to take Ina to dance lessons while Cora and Mira joined me at the grocery store and then the library. Dan pulled in from his evening just as I put the last grocery item away.

Friday night Ina and I escaped to watch the high school's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Our friend/neighbor Logan was in the musical and watching him and the rest of the very talented cast was an absolute blast.

I worked Saturday morning and made a pumpkin roll and a salad for a get together later that evening. Then I joined some friends at my new favorite place, The Peculiar Winery.

Warning: although the wine is delicious and the atmosphere is beautiful, know that you are entering a time warp when you walk through that door. You will have intentions of staying for 2 hours and look up after 5 hours of absolutely fantastic girl talk (jobs, babies, clothes, husbands, jeans size...pretty much everything) and realize that your family will be very upset with you for making them late to their next event.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Although we rolled in late, we were very excited to join our small group at our friends The Gartmans' house for a hayride and dinner.

We were all living our best lives with go karts, chickens, babies, and great conversation.

Sitting on the hay with my friends and their kids, listening to the kids chant, "Hay ride! Hay ride!" at the top of their lungs, breathing in that cold fall air. This is what memories are made of.

Dan tried to sneak off the hay ride and scare the kids, but due to a series of unfortunate events, we left him on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere in the pitch black. Fortunately, he still had cell phone reception.

Sunday morning we went to church and saw our friend Pensu, who had stayed with us a few months before.

Then we drove to my sister's house for Bauer's birthday party and left the girls there while Dan and I went to a celebration of life for a small group friend's father who had sadly passed away far too young.

(Who needs wrapping paper when you can color on an Amazon box?)

Okay, after tying that I might know why I feel a little drained today. After my 8:15 PM client call tonight, the rest of this week and weekend look a little more free and relaxing, so here's to a recharging week!

Cheeseburger soup - so delicious and a very easy way to feed a crowd.

Daal curry with chutney - 4/5 Kendricks approved.

Pumpkin roll - possibly not worth the effort, but it was beautiful.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Halloween Fun

Hello and Happy Day Light Savings time!

(Cora, Baby Elsa, Baby Belle, and I had a fun Aldi date where I was manipulated into purchasing both Vanilla Wafers and Pop Tarts. Weak. So weak.)

I am currently sitting in the dance studio watching my favorite red headed ballerina while sipping on some Bengal spiced tea. I am going to try my hardest to keep a positive outlook, despite the 5 PM darkness closing in all around me.

(You know you are winning when your candy is color coordinated to your outfit.)

What a fun week! Let's go back in time to last Sunday, just after my last post. I picked up the girls at Grandma Frankie's on Sunday afternoon. When I walked in the door Ina screamed, "Nooo!!!" and Cora told me her "heart was breaking" because she was going to miss Grandma Frankie so much.

Even Mira, who doesn't let many people past her walls of "NO!" and "DON'T LOOK AT ME!" was sad to leave.

We made it home just in time to sample Dan's chicken wings, our contribution to our neighbor friend's birthday party/Chiefs game celebration.

Just in case you were wondering, even Dan's "mild" version had most people grabbing a drink of water and his "nuclear" level hotness left him drenched and sweat.

Monday Cora's dance class wore their costumes and looked just about as cute as can be while Mira made a 2 year old friend to share stolen Smarties with.

Tuesday my mom came by to stay with the kids while Dan and I went to Ina's parent teacher conference. Hearing how awesome your kid is never gets old. (If you get annoyed by bragging parents, you might want to skip the rest of this paragraph.) Ina is reading almost at the 4th grade level. Her teacher said she always asks to read her chapter books during breaks or when she gets done with work early and needs more to read than their weekly allotment from the library. She also has started doing math way above her level, which doesn't surprise me because Ina is constantly making conversations and real life situations into (simple) math problems. She actually told me, "Mom, math is in my head all the time."

She of course has challenges too, like keeping her iPad charged, forgetting her belongings (everywhere), and being a little too chatty. I also struggle with these things, so hopefully she can get guidance elsewhere. Ha!

Wednesday we cancelled our small group because of snow and ice and instead we had a nice family night watching Hocus Pocus. The girls were so excited to see a movie about three sisters, each with a different color of hair like them. They immediately took on their hair-matched roles and while we were eating dinner Cora gleefully looked at me and said, "Mom, in Hocus Pocus, I"M IN CHARGE! I get to tell Ina what to do!"

Thursday was Halloween. The kids didn't have school, so they hung out with Nonnie while I worked. After I picked them up we spent 10 minutes putting on costumes and then went to visit my grandparents at the nursing home.

The girls were of course excited to show off their costumes and may have been a little more loud than usual, which unfortunately made one of the residents uncomfortable and she wasn't nice to me about it. I know she is sick, but the people pleaser in me still felt very bad. The rest of the residents loved getting to see them in their costumes...until they accidentally knocked down the blow up scarecrow/monster thing and then I knew we had worn out our welcome.

We headed to Aunt Jessie's house next to eat soup and Trick or Treat with cousins. The big kids led the way and weren't even phased by the below freezing temperatures. The little kids knew that they candy would be rationed anyway, so they called it quits after five houses and stayed inside to play.

We ended the night with Cowboy soup and handing out candy.

Our cousin Bub Bub came into town for the Chiefs game and we picked her up from the airport in style.

We spent most of the weekend hanging out with Bub. Dan made amazing breakfast tacos and I made homemade refried beans.

Sunday the Nybergs came to our house for our monthly and we watched the Chiefs win! Then we met some neighbors for a little walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

This week is again squeezed full with dance, swim, small group, Dan helping with a project at church, and Ina's school's fall festival - and that doesn't even include the weekend. Could someone please clone me?

I hope you have a great week!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Less Than Professional Racheal

Hello there!

It's an absolutely beautiful fall Sunday afternoon, which means Dan is napping after church and an Aldi date, the girls are at Grandma Frankie's after a trunk or treat, and I am reclined and caffeinated while watching football. Does it get any better?

I returned home Thursday night from a week long conference in Orlando, where I was equally intimated and motivated. Intimated by all of the genius modelling work scientists/mathematicians/statisticians/engineers are doing. Motivated to light a fire under my career, which admittedly has been a little stagnant after birthing and caring for three babies in five years.

This was a pharmacometrics conference. As you might assume from the name, many of the people there were a pretty big deal. I tried to put on my most professional self, but of course the true unprofessional Racheal came out a few times. I happened to meet the gentleman whose book I had been reading the few months before and talked to him for about 20 minutes, only to realize I had a huge chunk of lettuce in my teeth.

I was excited to have the chance to only get myself ready for the conference each day, without having my usual household and parenting morning responsibilities. On the third day of the conference I was feeling pretty put together, but when I sat down for lunch I felt something scratch my leg and realized that a baby doll dress was stuck by velcro to the inside of my skirt. Super professional.

Then, on the plane ride home I opened my full water bottle, which apparently is a hazard with so much pressure. Water sprayed three feet up in the air and soaked me, the people next to me, and the two rows behind me. I was so surprised, it took me a good 5 seconds to realize what was going on and close the lid. Lesson learned.

Being away from the girls and Dan for that long was hard. Other than Cora wearing the clothes I had set out for Mira to school and Mira screaming for me a few times in the middle of the night, I think they all did great. Dan's mom helped a lot in the morning, she was a life saver.

The day before I left we celebrated our friend Brad's 40th birthday.

Although the picture might suggest Dan ran a 5K, he was really just playing a few intense games of pickle ball and then subsequently injuring his shoulder, the day before I left him for a week to care for three children.

We were able to catch up with some friends we hadn't seen in years! Courtney pretty much had Mira (who doesn't really like anybody) won over by the time we left.

We were right back in the swing of things on Friday with work and tacos for dinner. The girls had friends over to play in the basement and drag out every toy I had successfully hidden down there.

I worked Saturday (yesterday) morning and then Grandma Frankie picked up the girls to take them to her annual Trunk or Treat.

I tried hard to get them to be Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, but they wanted to be something "scary." Aren't you scared? 

With the girls away, Dan and I had no choice but to play. Ha!

We met with Carrie, a blog friend for almost 10 years!

Carrie and I have talked back and forth for years reading each others' blogs, and when she told me she and her husband and her friend Jenny would be in Kansas City for the Green Bay game, I was so excited to finally meet her face to face. I have to say that this was a first - meeting someone I only knew from the internet, but it was like talking to an old friend. We had an absolute blast walking around Cross Roads and downtown. The blog world has changed so much since I started writing, and this blog has changed right along with it, but I am so thankful for the friendships I have developed and maintained along the way.

Once Dan and I said bye to them we headed to our friend Mike's house for a super fun (and delicious) birthday party where Dan and I played cards and ate monster cookies. We saw 1 AM, which is so unlike us, but was so much fun.

This week we have our usual fun, along with parent teacher conferences and Halloween, so it should be a good time. I hope you have a great week! <3

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