Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Week Before Christmas

Hello! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas! Our's was...eventful...but I will leave that for the next post. Until then, let's play some catch up.

(Ina was so proud of her gingerbread house she made at school. She put it on the counter and many times I caught Cora sneaking pieces off to eat until it could no longer stand.)

Monday night we soaked in the beauty of not having dance class, ate curry, watched Nailed It (the holiday edition, which for some reason, we cannot give enough of) and basically recovered from a very busy weekend.

Backing up to Monday morning, I reached a PR at the gym and snatched a 50 pound dumbbell! I always forget to mention the gym, but I am still going every single weekday morning (except when I don't wake up to my 4:40 alarm, which has happened once or twice...). I absolutely adore starting my day this way with these people that push me and motivate me.

Tuesday I picked up the girls and Dan and we drove directly to Longview Lake to enjoy their Christmas in the Park lights display.

Because we were moving at negative 2 miles per hour, we let the girls out of their car seats. Ina and Cora stuck their heads out the sunroof while Mira sat in my lap and either tried to press every button on the dashboard or jump out the passenger window.

Every single display was appreciated and ooh-ed and ahh-ed over. They particularly loved all the things that lit up above our heads and Ina would beg to stay put and let the reindeer/Santa/skier/snowflake go over us just one more time...

Thursday I stuffed my face at my department's holiday lunch and then drove to Ina's school for her holiday party.

These events have drastically improved since I was in school. They had a bounce house and crafts and snacks and games and after only 45 minutes I left with one question: HOW do teachers do this every single day?

God bless them.

Also, something worth noting from Ina's party: she knows every single person in that school. Like every single one. I was impressed when she was introducing me to kids in the other kindergarten classes, but when we walked by the first grade line and she enthusiastically said hello to each kid by name, I was blown away. She is a little social butterfly!

I had Friday off work, but had still scheduled for the girls to go to Danielle's. So, I cleaned and wrapped my little heart out.

Then, my dad and his girlfriend came over to watch not only my three kids, but also Chessa's two kids, so we could celebrate her birthday.

We ate delicious pizza and cake and briefly felt like we were in college again.

Saturday we had a slow start and then Ina and Cora went to Grandma Frankie's to make Christmas cookies and stay the night while Dan and I got to work on their Christmas present - a dress up clothes stand.

Why buy something pre-made when you can spend more money and more time making something yourself?

All joking aside, it turned out great and the quality is much better than anything Amazon could have sent us.

In between trips to the hardware store and paint coats we watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It funny and heart warming and something that we both enjoy, but not for little viewers.

After Grandma Frankie dropped the girls off on Sunday I took them to visit my friend Sarah (in town from DC) and her family.

The girls always have so much fun at Doug and Charlotte's house. Not only because of the company and cool toys, but also the treats they leave with. This year I also left with a treat - Blue Bell ice cream (still not available in Kansas City) and I have been thoroughly enjoying every single bite.

Sunday night we ate double-decker tacos (Ina's new favorite) and watched the Chiefs game until half time after which I plopped into bed, completely exhausted.

I don't have any meal recipes to share - we have been kind of winging it. BUT, if you are looking for a good NYE recipe to bring to a party, this hoagie dip never disappoints.

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