Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Ina Turns Six!

This weekend Ina turned six.

I find it so hard to believe that six years ago we went to the hospital for what I was positive was no big deal, to quickly find out she needed to be evacuated from my belly immediately. A few hours, snips, and blood transfusions later, there she was, as perfect as can be.

Even harder to believe is that Dan and I have been parents for six years. Six. How much longer before I feel like I know what I am doing?

At six Ina is a feisty little thing. She likes directions and rules (following them and making sure that others do as well), any art project, and her little sisters.

She is such an anticipater and is constantly asking me how many days until Easter, or her dad's birthday, or until she turns 35.

She also likes to play "What if" and asks questions all the time like, "What if all the people in the world lived in our house?" or "What if our Christmas tree touched the moon?"

She likes playing games and watching art videos or dance videos on YouTube. She knows exactly the right thing to say to press her dad's buttons, which I find absolutely hilarious.

Every year I don't think it is possible to love her more and then she becomes even more Ina-like and my heart just keeps growing.

We started out the birthday celebrations with a family dinner at our house. We had a baked potato bar, I made dirt cake, and we had a family dance party.

Ina so enjoyed seeing everyone and even more listening to people sing happy birthday (with the "cha-cha-cha" added, of course).  Cora came up right behind Ina and blew out her candles the first time, so we had a re-do.

The next day we packed our bags and headed to Great Wolf Lodge (or Great Moof Wodge, as Cora called it), an indoor water park resort in KC.

This year I gave Ina the choice of either having a traditional birthday party or spending the night there as a family.

She choose wisely.

She went down each slide approximately a thousand times, relaxed in the lazy river and the hot tub, scaled the lily pads like a champ, and showed off her swimming skills in the main pool.

The resort is perfect for families with small children and it was no big deal to walk around the lobby in either your pajamas or your swimsuit. They had all sorts of activities for the kids outside of the water park and it even SNOWED in the lobby.

(I actually packed our matching pajamas as an afterthought, but was so happy I did because all the other families did as well and it was just so darn cute.)

After one day of fun and one night of horrible sleep (I'm looking at you, Mira), we were all a little worse for the wear on Sunday, Ina's actual birthday.

We pressed on and ate breakfast at the hotel buffet, and then spent a few hours in the water park before we changed and spent the rest of the day lounging in our living room

On Monday the birthday magic wore off and Cora woke up with pink eye and Ina woke up with two ear infections. Ina's school nurse and I on quickly approaching BFF status.

I should also note that the week before Mira dislocated her elbow (seriously) and Ina had a bladder infection. I am so thankful that the sickness stopped for a few days of fun for our family. We now have a new antibiotic and lots of eye drops and are praying that if anyone else gets sick, it will be before January 1st when our deductible starts over.

This is dance recital week, so I am praying for patience at the dance mom level. I hope you are soaking in all the joy that December brings!

Just a few recipes to share this week - we have been eating a lot of leftovers.

Copy Cat Carrabbas Sausage and Lentil Soup: absolutely delicious and perfect for hunkering down during a blizzard. All three of the girls finished their bowls.

Chex Mix - a Christmas tradition in my family.

Sprinkle cookies- I sent these to Ina's class and she said they loved them!

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