Monday, December 17, 2018

Dance Mom in Training

(Let's pretend like I posted this a week ago...)

Hello and Happy Christmas season!

Par for the course, a sickness has taken over our house and everyone has been, well, drippy for the past week.

This extra drainage has led to many an ear infection and cough and each night at bedtime I am putting my pharmacy skills to good use as I hand out the medicine.

Not letting sickness get us down, we still had four dance practices in one week and did a lot of celebrating over the weekend. Friday night my family from Texas came over to celebrate Christmas.

The girls were absolutely spoiled with so many cute outfits, dress up clothes (Cora hasn't taken her yellow Minnie Mouse high heels off), a Polaroid camera, and a karaoke machine that even Mira loves to "sing" into.

After presents we ate dinner, played cards, and ate Christmas cookies and my heart was full.

The next morning after I worked for a few hours we took Granny out to eat for her birthday! We love Granny so much and we loved getting to celebrate her.

On the way home from lunch two out of three girls fell asleep in the car, so Dan did the tuck-and-roll drop off at home for me to pack dinners while he continued to drive them around. By the time I was ready to get back in the car, all three were asleep and we drove the 35 minutes to my niece Hallaway's dance recital.

Hallaway was in The Nutcracker and it was adorable. Ina was entranced and Cora kept on asking when she was going to get to be a ballerina. Soon! As we had to leave a little early to make it to their rehearsal for their recital the following day.

Cora was loving the rehearsal until she wasn't. Remember when I took the girls to see Little Shop of Horrors? They loved it, but Cora was a little scared.

(Cora, standing completely alone on stage...)

Guess what the theater team left backstage? Yep - the man eating plant! With all of its bloody teeth glory. Poor Cora was so scared. The fear, combined with the sickness and her overall red headed temperament made her not want to do anything more. After a lot of coaxing she finally got up there and sang and we came home very tired from a long day.

Sunday morning we woke up and hurried to early church, stopped by Target for a last minute costume change, and then headed to the theater for the girls' first show.

One of the other moms was so nice to help the girls during the first show (she is a saint) so I could sit in the audience and enjoying seeing them come out and sing My Favorite Things (so stinking adorable), Ina (as a reindeer with a lot of hip action) pull out Santa's sleigh, and Cora as a cute little gingerbread man.

The most precious moment was Ina gently guiding Cora up to the microphone to sing her part. She is (usually) such a good big sister.

I needed this first relaxing show, because the second show was hard. Cora was just done, which would have normally been no big deal, but we had 20+ family members coming and I knew she would be sad later if she didn't do it. After a lot of coaxing and bribing, I finally just handed her to her teacher (another saint!) and ran away.

She went on stage for her song, and then again for her dance, but was crying by the end. As soon as she walked off stage I handed her to our family and she was all smiles. We celebrated a job well done with Mexican food and margaritas.

A few recipes from the week:

spiced shrimp (made into tacos and served with a spicy cabbage slaw - yum)

pork shoulder ragu (make sure the pork is boneless!)

parmesean chicken - everyone loved this! Served with a kale pear salad.

meatloaf with roasted veggies

I hope you had a good weekend! <3

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