Monday, December 31, 2018

Christmas 2018 (Another Pukey Christmas)

Hello and Happy New Year!

I am back from the gym and furiously typing, hoping that Mira doesn't wake up for the 6th morning in a row by getting sick in her crib.

Poor baby. Poor Momma. (Is it bad to truly feel sorry for yourself? Ha!)

Backing up to Christmas Eve, we had a fun filled day that started with Dan's company party at Top Golf. What a fun place!

We ate lunch and swung golf clubs while I enjoyed meeting everyone Dan works with. From there we quickly went to Granny's house to pick up the girls and get them ready for church.

Our church had a Home Alone theme for the sermon, and had a photo booth set up with some of the characters, and some of the "booby traps" which we didn't know until after that photo was taken.

My face hurt from smiling so much.

From church we drove to Grandma Frankie's house to celebrate Christmas. The girls had fun, but on the way home everyone was complaining and whiny, which I attributed to the increased amount of sugar intake.

By midnight I was proved wrong once with Ina, 4 am twice with Cora, and then  6 am, a third time with Mira. If you are ever interested in challenging yourself, try playing Santa while tending to three puking children.

I was also starting to feel sick, but tried to ignore it as I had 16 people coming to my house in two hours and cinnamon rolls to make.

We all held it together as we forced ourselves to open presents and go through the Santa scavenger hunt I had printed out days before...literally between puking episodes for everyone.

Then we hurried to clean, put everything away, and made cinnamon rolls and meatballs for brunch.

We greeted our family and tried to hold it together. The girls actually did great, but I pretty much just laid on the floor and hoped that my welcoming smile was enough.

We were all spoiled so much and the girls have all sorts of new toys to play with.

The last few days have mostly been spent trying to survive. Poor Dan caught the stomach bug two days later and I think it hit him the hardest. Mira mostly cries unless I am holding her, which makes cooking, cleaning, or anything else very difficult.

(A perfect visual representation of the status of my house right now)

We did get out of the house on Saturday for my gym's Christmas party and on Sunday for church and my mom's side of the family Christmas.

I am not going to sugar coat it. This "vacation" week has been rough. I am really looking forward to starting work again on Wednesday.  Next year we are going out of town for Christmas.

I hope you had a great Christmas and I am looking forward to a healthier 2019.

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