Monday, November 19, 2018

Out of Sorts


After the "Mira versus confetti incident" we more than met the maximum out of pocket expenses of our high deductible insurance plan, so I decided to get my lovely varicose veins (from three pregnancies in five years) removed.

Three ultrasounds, one CT, two laser treatments, and TWELVE phlebectomies (via an instrument that greatly resembled a crochet hook) later, I am on the amazing road to pretty(er) and painless legs.

The recovery road also involves not lifting over 20 pounds and no aerobic exercise for three weeks. While the later is relatively easy (even though I so miss the gym!), not lifting over 20 pounds is proving difficult as my children all weigh more than that and all insist on being lifted. Some more than others.

Poor Mira just doesn't understand why I won't hold her when she wide-legged walks over to me, wraps her arms around my legs, looks straight up at me and squalls. After I was able to take my ACE wrap off, Cora happily observed that I "didn't have a broken toe anymore" and immediately wanted me to pick her up. Even Ina wants me to lift her to see something every now and then.

Also, Danielle and Kyle (who have been living in our basement for 10+ months) moved out this past weekend.  I will miss their family so much. Making only two cups of coffee is just sad. The open spaces in our fridge and pantry make my heart hurt a little. Morning coffee walks won't be the same. I will have to start grocery shopping again. But, they are still in our small group and Danielle will still watch the girls every Friday, so I suppose life will go on.

Also, my grandparents' (who now live in a long term care facility) house sold (which produced a gut wrenching sadness that I have yet to fully face) and the estate sale was this past weekend. I could not bare to go and watch strangers sift through the things that framed my childhood, but thankfully Dan did attend and waded through to find items that would remind me of that lovely place. He actually did a fantastic job, but now I look at my grandmother's things sitting in my house and my stomach turns in knots.

So, needless to say, the past few weeks have made me a little out of sorts. But, we still lived life and had lots of fun, because that is what we do. We made a thankful tree out of Trader Joe's paper bags to remind us of this...but have yet to put any leaves on it.

We had dance lessons and swim lessons, although both are more difficult with the colder weather and the necessary dress required for each. We had dinner at a friend's house, celebrated my nephew Bauer's birthday, had friends over for lunch, had parents as teachers, enjoyed an absolutely amazing night of worship at church (during which my children treated me like a jungle gym), and attended a delicious and heart filling Friendsgiving.

And there are even more things to look forward to that continue to put a smile on my face, the first of which being Thanksgiving. We are hosting this year. I have the grocery shopping done and our menu contributions planned. Hopefully I didn't forget anything. I have been out of the grocery shopping game for almost a year!

In case you are interested, here are the recipes we are using:

Here are some other recipes we have made the past few weeks that have been excellent and you should make them too.
  • Korean BBQ burritos: the flavor is just so good - a must try recipe.
  • Kale Cesar salad (made twice!)
  • Carnitas with cabbage slaw: one of my favorite meals of all time.
  • Lasagna - good recipe, everyone in the family loved it, but I have never met a lasagna I didn't like.
  • Jambalaya - Dan mostly did this one and it was fantastic. Ina didn't like the shrimp. Mira devoured it. 
  • Pumpkin roll - such a delicious treat.
I hope you have a great week and you remember all the blessings in your life to be thankful for. <3

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