Thursday, October 18, 2018

Walking + Circus + Birthday Parties

I am determined to find time to blog in my new morning routine of 4:40 alarm, gym at 5, lunch making at 6:10, kids up at 6:30, get ready for work and dress kids at 7, leave for work or start work at 8.

My initial solution to this would be to have the kids sleep in until 7 and blog between 6:30 and 7, but so far they don't seem interested in that plan. I suppose cartoons and blogging will have to suffice.

We had so much rain last week. Granny's basement flooded, which was not fun at all, but we are going to look on the bright side of the rain - puddles.

You gotta love a girl in rain boots.

Mira started walking! She had taken a few steps here and there but now she is walking across the room! She still mostly crawls, but when she decides to walk, she almost saunters from place to place, looking like she is expecting you to make a big deal out of her incredible feat.

Friday night was our church's Dream Team (people who serve at the church) appreciation event. It was 80's themed so I added a pink headband to my typical workout gear and we had so, so much fun.

There was BBQ, confetti, 80's music, laughter, dancing, and an awesome drum solo by Kyle. In between two of the songs, Ina looked at me and said, "I love this church."


This was the weekend of birthday parties. We celebrated Gibson turning 4 at our house. Having a party at your house is particularly fun if you do none of the cleaning, planning, cooking, or prepping. The theme was dinosaurs and Danielle had the kids decorate safari hats and then dig in sand for dinosaur bones. It was simultaneously genius and adorable and simple and awesome.

During Gibson's birthday Dan and Ina went to her friend from her class's birthday at LegoLand and had a great time. On Sunday Ina also had a swim party from another girl in her class.

(I am so thankful for Amazon. As soon as I see a birthday invite I order a gift and it is done.)

After the parties on Saturday we met Jessie and the kids for the circus that had come to town.

I feel like the circus is a great opportunity for lesson teaching. See kids, look at what you can accomplish if you practice hard at something for a very long time.

No kids, you cannot have ALL THE THINGS they try to sell you after you pay good money to get into the tent.

Well, maybe at least some cotton candy.

After the circus we went to dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant and I had a delcious margarita and some amazing street tacos. Then Kauffman and Hallaway came home with us and spent the night.

(It is never too early for matching Christmas jammies.)

Sunday was a whirlwind of donuts, church, out to lunch with family, football, and more family time.

The only recipe for last week I have to share is braised pork with cabbage (we didn't have pomegranate juice, so I used an apple juice box).

We also ordered the new Skinnytaste cookbook One and Done and tried the pressure cooker pho (sorry, no recipe to link). It was so fun to make something so fun and flavorful (and quick!) at home. Will repeat.

My new book for the week is Off the Clock. So far I am loving it, but that is to be expected, because I love Laura.

Have a great rest of your week! <3

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