Sunday, October 28, 2018

Ina's First Blog Post

Monday Ina woke up not feeling the best and sounding raspy, but without a fever, so to school she went. She went to the nurse twice (still no fever), but I could tell when I picked her up she was worse. By the time we pulled into their dance studio for lessons she could barely hold her head up or keep her eyes all the way open.

While she was home sick with me we watched movies, went to my eyebrow wax appointment and then, out of the blue, Ina told me she wanted to start her own "dot com." I happily informed her that I actually have my own "dot com" and showed her my blog. She was excited to see a picture of herself pop up on the computer screen, so we read a few recent posts. She later requested that we take a picture and that she write something. Here it is:

"I love my mom. This is a picture that we took together. And I love it. I love this house. I love this whole world. And I love this future. My mom. My dad. Cora. And Mira. Help me continue my life."

I think the end might have trailed off into a prayer...but either way, I thought it was cute.

I took the girls to get their flu shots on Thursday and was reminded why I rarely take all three of them anywhere by myself. They were generally well behaved, it is just difficult to take a three year old to the bathroom while a one year old is wanting to play with the toys. Ina and Cora fought the shots hard, although Cora didn't cry afterwards. Ina promised she would never want her ears pierced after that experience. Everyone was rewarded with donuts afterwards.

That evening was Ina's parent teacher conferences where Ina's teacher made Dan and I blush more than once with all the fantastic things she had to say about Ina. I loved hearing that all of her reading/math/social/leadership skills were well beyond kindergarten expectations.

We are so proud of her, but Dan and I approach that emotion in very different ways. I tried to talk to her teacher about the things she could still work on (taking her time on her worksheets) and ways we could keep her stimulated when the class is going over something she already knows (helping other kids, helping the teacher, quietly reading books, more problems, etc). Dan, on the other hand, only wanted to talk about her skipping right on to second grade. That poor teacher, and if that wasn't enough, while we were having this conversation, scavenger Cora had found the teacher's half eaten piece of pizza on her desk and started eating it (mmmm, that was good pizza Momma!) while Mira found the one remote in the room and re-set the electronic blackboard settings.

We set the bar high for parent teacher conferences.

Friday Ina and Cora went with Grandma Frankie to the pumpkin patch and then stayed the night at her house, so Dan and I had a semi-date night with a one year old. We brought home Chipotle and Mira played with the first meal ever ordered specifically for her while we watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Saturday I went on a long walk by myself (listening to a new favorite podcast - The Mom Hour) before working a few hours and finishing up some chores around the house.

Then I took my sweet time getting ready, and we dropped Mira off at Granny's and went to a high school friend's wedding, which required my curling iron to come out of the drawer.

The wedding was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous, and the food was delicious. An all around good night.

After church on Sunday we attempted to carve pumpkins while simultaneously preparing/eating lunch, watching the Chiefs game, and cleaning the house for small group.

Every year I think that carving pumpkins will be a fun experience and every year it is much more stressful than fun. Some of that stress may have been because there were so many other things going on, or maybe because Ina has very high expectations (she originally wanted to carve an entire sentence about how much she loved her family into her pumpkin and then settled for an octopus), or perhaps because it just isn't that fun.

There are only so many times that singing the Batman theme song (thankfully Cora picked something that was much easier to carve) and jumping up and down can brighten the mood.

Maybe next year we should paint them?

(Cora's great photography skills)

Have a great week! <3

Recipes from the week:

Cheeseburger salad with roasted sweet potato fries- if we carry our favorite summer recipe into fall, can we pretend the pool is still open?

Goulash - so delicious. We used new-to-me lentil noodles that were family approved. All three girls cleaned their plates!

Chicken pot pie soup with homemade biscuits and a salad (x3  and took 1/3 of it to Ina and Cora's dance teacher, who injured herself with boiling water). This was basically comfort in a bowl.

Pollo Sabroso with green sauce, roasted broccoli, and veggie rice. Another favorite summer meal. So YUM.

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