Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fall Fun


We officially have a non-training wheels bike rider!

And let's not Cora, who is pretty speedy (and adorable) on the scooter, along with Mira who enthusiastically clapped and stumbled behind them.

We have since attempted a few more times of Ina riding her bike. She is doing really well once she gets started. It is the starting and stopping that are challenging, as she currently prefers to use her shoes as brakes. Our goal is for her to be able to ride the (hilly) mile to school before kindergarten ends.

My family from Texas was in town this week and Abby helped with watching the girls on Monday and Tuesday because Granny had the week off. The girls loved having Abby around and we celebrated her birthday with pizza and cheesecake on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday Uncle John and another cousin Ashley stopped by the house and joined us for song class and swim lessons. The girls are pretty much smitten when they are in town.

(Cora and Mira went to the pumpkin patch with Danielle!)

On Friday I introduced the girls and Dan to The Sound of Music, and they all loved the first two hours, but couldn't hang for the ending. I forgot just how good that movie is. 

The weekend was a full one. It started with a run/walk with Danielle, and then working for a few hours. As soon as I ended my last patient call, we all loaded up in the van and met our friends for a memorial walk for their daughter. You can see me holding a scooter while pushing two children in my single double stroller.

We also ran into Miss Kim who was running her pretty little heart out. She even is completely put together while exercising. Goals. 

We came home and while Dan and the girls rested I did all the things: cleaned floors, cooked food, laundry, and squeezed a shower in before it was time to head to our friends' house for a little fall fun.

The Gartmans are a family new to our small group that have a beautiful house and property with a pond, paddle boat, barn, greenhouse, chicken coop, horses, goats, and even a zip line.

It was pretty much every kids' dream come true. Ina held a chicken, Cora touched a catfish, and Mira not-so-gently pet a pony.

They even took us on a hay ride!

When we were leaving Ina told me it was better than the best day of her life. All three girls were asleep before we made it to the highway and had to be carried up the stairs.

We woke up on Sunday for church and then brunch with my dad's side of the family. We had a breakfast burrito bar and Dan made these amazing chorizo potatoes. The girls were in heaven having their cousins around. 

We didn't even close the door between the last family member leaving and the first small group member walking in - just the way I like it. Small group was absolutely fantastic, like always, and we finished the weekend with another Chiefs win. 

It was a good one.

I only have a few recipes to share.
I also have been loving being back at the gym. I have gone every weekday morning at 5 am for 5 weeks in a row! The accountability and community they provide are just fantastic.

Have a fantastic week! <3

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