Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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Happy October!

At 6:59 am I have already been to the gym, read my bible, packed lunches, showered, dressed, and put make-up on and all THREE of the girls are still asleep. I considered it a sign it was about time to write a blog post.

Here is what has been happening around here lately:


  • The words "butt cheeks" are said in my house (and in public places) way more than I would like to admit, but darn, I can't help but giggle right along with them.
  • Watching Mira and all of her adorable quirks. Gosh I forgot how lovable a one year old can be. If music comes on she pumps her right arm and puts her head down before she starts to bob up and down dancing, she constantly points to things and says, "dat", she practically begs you to make her let our a deep belly laugh, she spontaneously gives the sweetest open mouth kisses, she sweetly lays her head on my chest and silently, willingly, lets me rock her to sleep every night and every night I try to savor the moment as much as I can, thinking she couldn't possibly let me do this one more night...and then she does. 


  • Football - loving some Kansas City wins! I stayed up waaayyy past my bedtime and watched the end of the Monday night football game in bed without my contacts in.
  • Solo - well, the first hour before I couldn't possibly keep my eyes open past 9:20
  • The Art of Parenting - our current small group study that is free to anyone! I am loving the conversations these little videos are starting with some of my favorite people.

Reading (my library card is getting a workout lately):


*cooked by Danielle - noted just to point out that no one can do everything. <3



  • Our neighbor Kim invited Ina over to knit a scarf. Ina craves these activities more than anything, and I rarely put priority on the time and patience they require, so we were both so thankful for Kim. Ina couldn't stop smiling when she came home.
  • My friend from the gym Liz made me a belated birthday carrot cake with candied pecans and a caramel drizzle. It tasted even better than it looked.
  • One Saturday a few of my friends had a mom's day/night. We had brunch, went to a winery, chatted, walked, shopped, and ate dinner. It may have been the fastest day of my life and was exactly what I needed.

My dream meal - kale salad and french fries at The West Side Local

Brunch at Blue Bird Bistro - delicious!


  • MCT oil and collagen - I fell on the bulletproof coffee train.
  • PlanetBox Rover Lunch Box. I spent hours looking at these things, putting them in and out of my cart, convincing myself that I should or should not spend that amount of money on a lunch box, searching used options on Ebay, looking at Amazon for knock off versions, etc. and then finally decided I needed to go ahead and buy one for the time saving advantages alone. Since then I have loved packing Ina's lunch. No regrets. 


  • The gym! Dan's new work schedule allows me to return, which is super exciting. I missed everyone there and getting my workout done and over with by 6 am leaves room for lots of other stuff. 
  • Closets - everyone got a fall revamp. Now poor Cora doesn't have to wear jeans that come up to the middle of her shin.


  • Out to eat with the family! Dan and I have taken the girls to a sit down restaurant two weeks in a row, which is a pretty big deal for our family. We took them to a new pho place in town and had so much fun.
  • To Girl Scouts. Maybe. If it fits in our schedule.

Now that we are all caught up, I am hoping to be back every week! Have a good October! <3

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