Monday, September 17, 2018

Birthday Week

This week was one worth celebrating.

On Tuesday, Mira turned ONE. Wow, that year went by fast.

We invited family over and ordered pizza, made a kale salad, sprinkle cookies, and a smash cake.

Lots of confetti jokes were made.

In true one year old fashion, Mira inhaled the pizza and only picked at the smash cake regardless of how my sprinkles I tried to stick in her mouth. She enjoyed opening her presents (she adorably hugged the baby my mom gave her) while the older kids swam in the way-too-cold-for-babies pool.

Thursday was my birthday. I turned 34, which was the age I already assumed I was, so no big deal in my book. Dan was out of town for work and Danielle sweetly took over the festivity responsibility.

The day started with our friend Hannah coming over for coffee and Danielle giving me the best kale shirt and kale birthday card ever. Kale for life.

Cora sang me many many renditions of Happy Birthday all morning long.

I had a client meeting and shortly after I took Mira to her one year check up where the doctor reported that she is prefect in every way and then gave her four shots.

After work Danielle surprised me by inviting a few of my friends over for dinner! We had such a lovely night of chatting while the kids watched random (but age appropriate) videos on YouTube.

Other highlights of the week:

- Both Cora and Ina started dance lessons, which Cora has been looking forward to for weeks. We were there from 4:45 to 7 PM, so I set up shop with dinners packed for us all. Cora started out enthusiastically and did a great job of participating through her class and most of the thirty minute voice lesson that both girls are in. I decided to peek in on them about half way through and after it was her turn to sing, she spent the last ten minutes rolling around on the floor. Typical.

- I started reading Little House on the Prairie books to the girls (they love them!) and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and am just smitten with it.

- I went to the Athleta friends and family sale and completely spoiled myself with birthday money my mom and grandma gave me.

- We had a play date with our friends Aubry, Avery, and Addy and were even able to swim in the pool and not be freezing cold!

-My friend Kathleen from work is moving to home based. Although I am happy for her and her family, I am terribly sad to not have her in the cube next to me. She and her daughter came over on Saturday night, which was so fun.

Some good recipes from the past week:

Greek chicken bowls/burritos - seriously one of my all time favorite fast and easy meals

Loma Saltado - my birthday meal and so delicious!

Chopped wedge salad with smoked chicken and sweet potato fries

And for birthday celebrations:

Sprinkle Cookies - these are hands down the prettiest things I have ever baked.
Cheesecake brownies
Paleo chocolate chip cookies

Have a great week! <3

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