Sunday, September 9, 2018

August Goals

Good morning!

Mira discovered the stairs. Game changer.

For the first time in nearly three weeks I find myself sitting down with a cup of coffee with nothing (pressing) to do except write. Our life has been so full (in such a good way) and fun that this little space has taken backseat. But, I have some fun stuff to share. I had most of the post below already written (from two weeks ago), so I will publish that and see how far I get before Danielle and I head out for our Sunday morning coffee walk.

A sweet moment from this week was that Cora tucked me into bed one night. She walked me to my room holding my hand, pulled back the covers and said, "there you go mom."

After I laid down she pulled the blankets over me and said, "OK, now close your eyes" and when I did she lightly kissed my arm, said goodnight, and walked away.

I almost melted right into the comforter.

One of my goals in the month of August was to put some more work into my marriage. On Monday Dan and I started going back to marriage counseling. Our family has been through some tough stuff lately and we weren't handling it the best we could as a mom-dad/husband-wife. When we walked into our counselor's office I had a worried feeling, as I didn't exactly know how the hour would go. We had some difficult conversations, and will continue to have them as often as it takes to wade through it all. Walking out felt a lot better.

Another way to improve our marriage - more dates! Mira is so close to being weened, which makes leaving her a whole lot easier. My dad came over on Friday to stay with the girls (and brought pizza and cookies!) while Dan and I headed out to sushi. Just a few hours away makes a big difference.

While we are on the topic of August goals, my other two were to decrease distractions at work and clean up my eating. While the former hasn't really changed (I seriously just need to delete Google Chrome from my machine), I have cleaned up my eating quite a bit with more real food and less pizza, ice cream, and wine. I also started tracking what I eat in the My Fitness Pal App in an effort to maximize my macro-nutrient ratios and am trying intermittent fasting out for a few weeks to see if it is a tool that might help me.

Saturday night Chessa invited me to join her for one of the coolest events I have been to in a long time - Rise (an a rooftop crawl for Big Brothers Big Sisters). Every place had its own theme and I was just giddy taking it all in.

Chessa and I walked from rooftop to rooftop just chatting and enjoying the scenery. We usually have kids running around us while we talk, so this was a rare and precious change.

I also want to tell you that I have fallen in love with this book, These is my Words. It is just the sweetest and makes me feel warm and strong and loving and like if this woman from the early 1900s can be be a good wife/mom/worker, then so can I.

Meals from the Week:

Monday: carnitas with cabbage slaw: I am fully convinced you cannot go wrong with pork in a slow cooker.
Tuesday: basil curry chicken with zoodles, rice, and roasted broccoli. I feel like the recipe okay, but not absolutely fantastic. I probably wouldn't make again, at least in the slow cooker.
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: chili and salad - it was cool and a big pot of chili sounded perfect
Friday: Date Night
Saturday: out with Chessa
Sunday: spaghetti (or zoodles in my case) with meatballs

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