Monday, August 20, 2018

Ina's First Week of Kindergarten

The week started out with Danielle and I doing the first gamma T25 workout. Woof, it was hard, and honestly, they haven't gotten any easier, which I suppose is a good thing, but I can't convince myself of that when I am struggling through push up jacks.

After work I put the finishing touches on the dinner that Danielle started and then took Ina up to her Back to School Night to drop off her school supplies and say hi to her teacher.

Her kindergarten teacher is the same one she had and absolutely loved for a few weeks in her pre-K summer school, which worked out quite nicely.

Ina wasn't even a little scared on her first day of kindergarten. She walked in and basically owned the place from the beginning by greeting people as they walked in the room, telling kids where to put their lunches, etc.  She already knows over half the kids in her class from previous classes and activities. She had an assignment from her teacher to help pass out papers before Granny and I even left the room.

I think she will do just fine.

The rest of the week was a blur of trying to iron out our new schedule with school in full swing. Once we have mastered that, in September we will throw swim lessons and dance class into the mix for both Ina and Cora.

I have my mini-van, mom shorts, a fully detailed planner, and my Yeti full of coffee. I am ready.

Friday Cora did have her three year check up that went great. She is long and lean and appropriately behaved for a three year old red head.

Dan was out of town for work all week - living the rough life eating gourmet breakfasts and dinners and sleeping in hotel beds, so Friday night Grandma Frankie took the older girls for a sleepover and I came home, put Mira to bed, and read my book and watched TV with a glass of wine.

It was everything and just what I needed after crying while trying to bread chicken (see below).

Saturday Danielle and I walked, I worked while my mom watched Mira, and then we did a little cleaning/prep for Gunner's birthday party.

I left to grab the older girls and came home to a party at my house. Entering my own house with a party mid-swing was a little funny feeling, but in a good way. Ina didn't miss a beat starting a girl's club with the few girls who attended the party, Cora cuddled with Papa Fred, and Mira was passed around by anyone who was willing to hold her.

Sunday we went to church (what an awesome sermon/worship!), celebrated my brother's birthday (a fun time to see a lot of the family and for the girls to play with their cousins!), watched movies (Shrek!), and food prepped/cooked (see below). Here's to another week in the books.

Meals from the week:

Monday: picadillo, roasted zucchini, brown rice, and a tomato, cucumber, and red onion salad.
Tuesday: paleo chicken fingers, roasted potato/corn/peppers, and cottage cheese salad. I may have cried in the middle of breading those chicken fingers with three different dunking stations and three kids who all wanted my attention at the same time. They were delicious, but only if you have plenty of time, attention, and patience.
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: meatloaf, roasted green beans, and roasted sweet potatoes. Danielle cooked the meatloaf on the smoker and it was everything I didn't know I needed in my life.
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: Gunner's birthday party!
Sunday: burgers, kale salad, sweet potato fries, and smoked brussels sprouts with bacon. Pretty much my dream meal, but I had to inhale it because Mira needed some extra TLC.

Snacks/meal prep:
Superhero muffins: these are some of my favorites!
Paleo mayo: this stuff doesn't last long at our house!

Have a great week! <3

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