Monday, July 9, 2018

4th of July 2018

Our 4th of July was filled with so many great things - swimming to the point of utter exhaustion, beautiful fireworks, precious family time, and amazing food.

And yet.

The day before, on July 3rd, a man Dan worked with took a gun to work, shot at many of his co-workers, killing one and leaving another in critical condition.

Praise God that Dan was not on that job site that particular day, but for so many reasons, our family was still impacted.

The story really isn't mine to tell, so I will leave out most of the details here, except to say that we are grieving terribly for what was lost that day and I have never been more thankful to see my husband walk through my front door.

We considered cancelling the holiday festivities that would follow, but ultimately decided that today more than usual taught us that life is precious and every day should be celebrated with those we love.

I really don't like writing or talking about sad things, but I also believe that they need to be discussed to show that life can indeed be sad.

I am going to describe the rest of the week in a positive light, because it mostly was positive, but there were pockets of time when the gravity of the situation hit hard and strong emotions were felt and tears were shed and the pit of my stomach was so thankful and so concerned and so terribly heartbroken at the same time.

Tuesday night we went to Kyle's parents' house (I think they have just accepted that we follow Kyle and Danielle wherever they go now) for food and a beautiful display of fireworks. Poor Mira wasn't a fan of the loud noise and although she didn't cry, she practically crawled up me with a panicked look on her face every single time one shot off. I finally gave up after five or so and took her inside.

Cora soon joined us inside because Danielle dared to put bug spray on her and Gibson and that ended their fireworks participation. Ina, however, stayed outside with Dan, lighting a good chunk of them after multiple safety precautions and instructions.

We got home late and Danielle and I woke up early for a 4th of July coffee walk, followed by an attempt to clean my pool/house before my family came over for lunch.

My mom cooked most of the food and the only thing I needed to do was host. After eating and swimming our fill, my family left and we started getting ready for the next round of visitors, some who stayed for fireworks and some who stayed for food and some who stayed for swimming.

Good news for Mira, she finally decided that fireworks weren't going to hurt her and tolerated them pretty well.

Because the holiday was directly in the middle of the week, everything else is sort of a blur of attempting to work, cooking more food, hosting different people (my sister's family! Kyle's mom and sister!), and lots of swimming. One high point was that Dan and Kyle put up a basketball goal on the side of the pool. I see lots of fun in the dads' future.

I still owe you a post from the week before, but until then...

Holiday Recipes:

Oh She Glows Kale Cesar Salad using this dressing recipe - I have made this salad 5 times in the past two weeks and have no plans to stop anytime soon.  The roasted chickpeas taste like fried chicken only better and because of the kale the salad holds good until the next day. I have eaten it for breakfast twice.

Cheesy Corn: made twice; a classic BBQ side

Smore's Bars: if you have problems with self control, don't make these

Strawberry shortcake with JoJo's biscuits: the baking was all Danielle, but I wanted to share the recipe because I love you.

And a healthy recipe to round everything out: pollo sabroso with Peruvian green sauce - third time in three weeks and everyone in the house is still asking for more. We have served it one time with pasta, another with roasted potatoes, or last time with quinoa and every single time it was fantastic. The sauce is delicious on tacos, eggs, or a salad. Pretend I am holding you firmly by the shoulders, looking into your eyes, and demanding you make that sauce this week.

On that note, have a good one! <3

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