Monday, June 4, 2018

When Daddy's Away We Potty Train

Warning...lots of potty training talk ahead because this is what is consuming my life. If you aren't into that, go ahead and skip this post.

This was the first week that Dan was out of town all week for work. Although parts of this were difficult, I did have the Champs at home most of the time to provide an extra set of hands when needed (like when Cora needs to potty, I am feeding the baby, Ina is asking for a snack and my neighbor texts me that the dog is out of the backyard. Why can't I be in more than one place at a time?).

Bedtime has been the one huge challenge. Typically I am in charge of Mira and Dan lays with the older girls until they fall asleep. Apparently I don't make a good "Daddy substitute" because both Ina and Cora have taken so, so long to go to sleep each night.

Saturday couldn't come soon enough... morning started off with kissing Dan goodbye for the week and Ina's first ever bus ride. There is a brother (5th grade)-sister (Kindergarten) duo at her bus stop who were more than welcoming and her bus driver was so friendly.

I picked her up after work and she sprinted off the bus all ready to tell me about her day and her new best friend and play dates and so much more. Whew.

Before I picked Ina up from the bus, I picked the younger girls up from Granny's and had the report of a not so successful day of potty training. She had one accident and otherwise held it the rest of the day. I told Cora that she couldn't go to swim lessons unless she used the potty and after a lot of crying, she decided to take me seriously and used the potty at the school. I know so many people say that ultimatums don't work, but they seem to work for her.

We came home from lessons to BBQ leftovers for dinner and part of The Greatest Showman, which motivated me to put Ina's dances for her recital on the TV for practicing. I might have them memorized by next week.

After a much better potty training report (she used the potty! no accidents!) on Wednesday, I picked Cora up to take her to Costco for a little reward date. Mira stayed with Granny and Danielle picked Ina up from the bus. We met Chessa there to help her purchase some items she needed for an upcoming BBQ.

It didn't occur to me until I was almost to Costco that I was taking a 2 year old in the middle of potty training to a gigantic store with one bathroom that isn't easily accessible, but Cora did great. I rarely have time with her by herself, but when I do she always makes me laugh. Maybe she is always this cute and funny and I just don't notice?

We returned home to Mira needing fed, Ina dripping wet from the pool, and Cora needing to use the bathroom. My mom had also texted me and 45 minutes later Danielle realized that I never took the groceries out of the van. I 100% believe if not for her I would have left them there until the next morning.

After an amazing dinner (see below), I think Cora crossed a potty training hurdle and realized that she CAN control when she potties and when she gets treats (along with the rest of the kids in the house, who of course are all cheering her on). We even had to sneak downstairs in our PJs to get a treat and Cora went back to bed saying she needed to use the potty again (anything to get out of bedtime!). She has since used the potty immediately if I put her on it, while giving me the cutest side eyed grin/smirk and says, "I'm peeing!"

Thursday was a very typical day with work - pick up- dinner - pool, but a few things do stand out to me. I went to the pool store three times - once to get the water tested, a second time because the first water sample wasn't drawn deep enough, and a third time because the chlorine from Costco is stabilized and apparently I have over stabilized my pool. I did way too well in chemistry for balancing pool chemicals to be this hard.

Also, something else I should have known from pharmacy school- don't give a potty training kid prunes and then go about making dinner without watching said kid like a hawk. Lesson learned.

I spent most of Friday trying to get Cora to go #2 on the potty. She never did and even though I was only with the girls for 3 hours after work and we had leftovers for dinner, I went to bed emotionally exhausted. BUT, I did start reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I think reading Shakespeare in high school was the last time I read a play and I am loving it.

But of course, I love anything Harry Potter and the fact that I have taken this long to read it just goes to show you how far motherhood has drug me away from the real world.

Saturday was a frustrating day all around. Cora needed to go to the bathroom but wouldn't and even though Dan was gone all week, we just couldn't get along. But, you know what helps that? Five year olds and their wisdom, food trucks that serve gyros, cheap leather earrings, and fireworks.

Cora was wearing her Easter dress, which matched her cotton candy perfectly. She was walking around looking more adorable than words can describe and I couldn't get a good picture. Oh well, mental memory...

Sunday we celebrated our church turning 21 years old with an ice cream truck after the service.

I just love that place.

We came home to have the Nybergs over for lunch, then quickly (and I do mean quickly) cleaned the house for small group, and then a couple from our group stayed for dinner after. But, the highlight of the evening was Cora FINALLY fully using the toilet.


After holding it for 36 hours, a few prunes, and just having her sit on the toilet with my phone watching cartoons, it worked. The whole house cheered and then breathed a collective sigh of relief.

There is no good transition from there and if you are still reading, God bless you.

My workouts for the week were finishing up May The Hook from MommaStrong. I really liked the 15 minute duration of workouts, but maybe want something a little longer for when I have no choice but to workout home. Danielle and I started T25 today!

A few must make summer recipes:

Cheeseburger salad (used the dressing from this recipe) with baked fries - so amazingly good and perfect for summer. The kids had the meat sloppy-joe style on sandwich thins. We already put it on the menu for next week.

Greek chicken bowls: a summer staple - so good! The kids used pita bread and the adults had it bowl-style with rice and a slight modification to this tahini dressing recipe (added maple syrup, garlic, and apple cider vinegar).  The pickled onions are my favorite part. I could put them on everything.

Korean beef lettuce wraps with roasted broccoli and marinated cucumbers. One of my favorites - I just love the crunch of the lettuce.

Have a fantastic week! <3

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