Tuesday, June 19, 2018

No Plans + Lake + Father's Day

Hey there! Dan is out of town this week and he was out of town last week, so what you will witness here is basic survival mode.

On Monday I came home from work with no dance lessons, no swim lessons, no school activity, and no dinner to make, so we all swam.

I loved having nothing to do but splash in the water. So did Mira, whose grin could not be wiped off her face. We ate leftovers for dinner and cried our way through the first half of Up. Just adorable.

Tuesday and Wednesday looked about the same, except that we did cook dinner. With no activities taking up our evenings, all of my memories of them have blended together.

We have been working on the pool, which unfortunately has been a constant battle. Next summer when I tell you I think it would be more frugal to not hire a pool company and instead balance and clean everything myself, grab me squarely by the shoulders, look me directly in the eye, and tell me that the little pool time I have should be spent swimming with my children.

Thursday afternoon I closed my laptop a little early, checked Ina out of school, and grabbed the girls from Granny's to head to my aunt and uncle's lake house for a quick 24 hour visit. It was quick and exhausting, but we all had an absolute blast.

In 24 hours we went out to eat, watched two movies, did face masks, swam, went on a boat ride, and swam some more. Once Ina and Cora found the courage to jump off the dock they could not be stopped.

Mira initially wasn't a fan of the baby life jacket, but once she discovered its head support while floating, she decided she could tolerate it. I have very distinct memories of Cora feeling the exact same way about that thing.

As we were driving away Friday evening I asked Ina what her favorite part was and she dreamily sighed and said, "everything."

Danielle and I started off Saturday morning (and Sunday morning) with a walk. I just love peaceful morning walks. They are such a fantastic way to start the day, particularly when the days are squeezed full of everything.

Then I worked for a few hours, we swam for a few hours, and before I knew it, we were heading out the door to celebrate our friend Ryann's birthday.

Ryann is our new friend from church/small group and she might be the most popular person I have ever met based on the number of guests at her birthday party. The kids played with water toys outside, which is always a party plus and the swim suit made cleaning up potty training accidents that much easier. Win-win. (I should note that thanks for Miralax and lots of pep talks, Cora is doing so much better in this department! Yay!)

We finished up the night with more swimming which led to hungry stomachs, which our meal planning did not take into account. Dan and Kyle made the executive decision to put in a late night pizza delivery order.

Father's Day Sunday started out with an awesome sermon at church discussing father wounds and what we can do about them. Definitely worth a listen. The next few hours consisted of me starting to do something, then realizing I should be doing about ten other things, then starting something else, and then repeating that until my dad called to ask for my assistance in picking up Grandma June from the nursing home.

I guess I didn't realize this was "allowed" but I was so happy we made the extra effort to have her there. I think she and my grandpa enjoyed watching the kids play and when my grandpa asked if she was coming home and opened the car door to give her a kiss goodbye when he realized she wasn't, I nearly lost it.

My dad hosted our family's Father's Day celebration at the farm, where he had a taco bar spread all cooked in various crock pots, individual serving chip bags, and more lemonade than 10 kids could think about consuming. Add that to getting the farm ready, picking up my sister's kids because she was out of town, and picking up my grandparents and you will see he did a whole heck of a lot of work on Father's Day.

After we had more fun than we could handle we got home just in time for Ina to swim with Gunner and Gibson and Cora to mow down on some watermelon and Dan and I to talk to Kyle and Danielle's family even though we all needed showers and even though every single stinking Monday morning I swear we are going to bed earlier the next Sunday night. Even though we tried to stop it, another summer weekend ended.

Recipes from the week:

Chicken Shawarma - so fresh and good.

...and the rest of the week was spaghetti, other people cooking for me, and leftovers. Even Danielle made the recipe above. I chopped a few vegetables. Wait until next week - we will have a few good ones to share!

Online purchase of the week: a pair of Birkenstocks. So exciting!

I hope you have a great week!

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