Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thankful 5.3.18

(Ina living her absolute best life playing with sticks, covered in mud, with a helmet, just in case.)

1. Mira caught the GI bug that Ina and Cora had the week before. It was so sad to watch such a small baby get sick. Nursing is usually my go-to for comfort and not an option as it all came back up within minutes. I was so thankful when she finally kept down a few ounces of milk by the time the morning came.

2. Granny watched the girls at her house, which is a little over a mile away from our house. After I closed my laptop for the day, I took the the jogging stroller for a run to pick them up. I love the look on people's faces when they see me pushing an empty double stroller down the road. Usually they are looks of confusion/concern, but yesterday a tween gave me a downright scowl. Like, how dare I do such a thing? Maybe I should put some dolls in there next time?

3. Mr. Kyle fixed our ceiling fan that has been making noise every time you turn it on. I am telling you, communal living is where its at!

1. Danielle cleaned the toy room and made cookies and banana bread (oh, and cared for my three children) while I was at work. I am not allowing them to move out.

2. The trees in our backyard flowered the beautiful pink flowers that only last for a few days. Every time I look out the window sparks a bit of joy.

3. Planner stickers. How did I just discover these? My work computer needed an Office update, so while my computer was occupied for two hours I went down the Etsy rabbit hole that is planner stickers. There are so many possibilities out there, but settled on a few basic ones to start with.

1. Danielle and I went on a very hard but very rewarding run with Mira in the (flat tired) jogging stroller. Woof, my legs were screaming by the end, but as I was in the car for the remainder of the day, I am so happy she pushed me to shake my legs out.

2. My mom graduated with her EdD (doctorate of education)! Despite my strong insistence on Ina not making the 2.5 hour car ride there, sitting still in an hour long ceremony, and driving the 2.5 hours back, she begged to go with me. Begged. So, I finally gave in, and honestly, she did great. She watched Marry Poppins on the way there and Moana on the way back and brought her gel pens to the ceremony. She had fun cheering on her G.

Mira also tagged along for nursing logistics and was great until the car ride home, during which horrible substances were exploding from her back side all over my van. Well, maybe just her car seat, but the smell definitely went all over my van. Poor girl. This GI bug is no joke.

3. Once we were back home, we picked up Dan and Cora (who hung out with Danielle in the morning while Dan worked) and headed to a new-to-us Japanese steakhouse where we met with the rest of my family to continue the graduation celebration. We ordered sushi and habachi and Ina attempted eating with chopsticks and Cora inhaled the food like she hadn't eaten in weeks. As if that wasn't enough, my grandma paid for everyone's dinner. As the kids were running around the parking lot afterwards, I kept on thinking about how I wish my family saw each other more. I guess I should do something about that, huh?

(I could just eat that arm.)


1. The most beautiful morning. I had the perfect amount of alone time to read the bible, listen to the birds chirp, and make myself breakfast and also had time to hang out with the girls and Dan in our room before we had to get everyone together for church.

2. Lunch outside! This requires significantly less clean up. Always a win.

3. After four weeks of empty check boxes in my planner, we finally cut the tall grass in the front of the house.


1. Dandelions (in someone else's yard).

2. On the way home Ina told me she wanted to get me a cook book for Mother's Day because she knows I like to try new recipes. I don't know why, but that simple observance made me feel so special.

3. I survived the worst kid tantrum I have experienced to date. While Ina was in dance lessons I took Cora and Mira to a nearby park. Mira was great in the stroller and Cora was so happy, running from slide to swing with her arms open screaming, "My park! My park!'

However, when I realized it was time to go and we were going to be late, I quickly picked Cora up off the toy she was on and she was not happy about it. Lots of screaming, kicking, and even hitting was involved. I didn't stop to check to see if all 30 other park-goers noticed, but I am sure they did. I seriously felt like I was dragging a wild animal out.  The next few minutes were rough, but shortly later my smiling, laughing, dancing red head returned.

Whew, I forgot how volatile a 2.5 year old's personality can be.

1. This HIIT workout was a quick and efficient way to get my workout in.

2. The warm weather makes swim lessons so, so much easier because zero changing is required. Heck, even shoes aren't required. When I am solo parenting three kiddos, wet swimsuits in the car seem like a minor detail.

Also! Ina advanced to the next class in swim lessons. She is now perfecting her freestyle and starting her backstroke. Cora still comes up gasping for air with wide eyes after five seconds under water, but swim lessons remain her favorite 30 minutes of the week.

3.Leftovers for dinner plus The Greatest Showman. That combo makes for a pretty good night.

1. Danielle saved the day when I pulled into work and realized that I forgot all of my pump stuff at home. Ugh. I texted her out of frustration and she reminded me that she was going to the Costco right next to my office and could drop them off. She saved an hour of my life.

2. Ina graduated from preschool! I have a whole separate post planned for that, but it was a fun night for sure! We celebrated after with hot fudge brownie sundaes.

3. A tornado touched ground very, very close to our house. Thankfully, no one was injured and not much damage was done, but it is making me take those tornado sirens a little more seriously.

We were just getting ready for bed when the sirens went off, so I grabbed a sleeping Mira from her crib and joined the rest of the crew in the basement. When we heard there was confirmed touch down in Belton, we moved all the kids to the shower in the middle of the basement.

The older kids knew enough to be pretty scared and asked a whole lot of questions, but the little kids just thought it was a good time. Mira never even woke up.


Spiced chicken (subbed chicken instead of shrimp) with naan, yogurt, and a cucumber/tomato/red onion salad (<-- our summer staple) with roasted asparagus. A light and refreshing, yet filling, meal. I recommend you try that spice mix on something ASAP. 

Monterrey Chicken with Aldi boxed quinoa and salad. This is our go-to recipe for company. Most things can be prepped ahead and it is just delicious.

Chicken salad - I made this for lunches with some leftover rotisserie chicken, mayo, grapes, pecans, celery, etc. Fresh (versus dried) herbs would have taken it over the top, but I am looking for a go-to recipe. Do you have one? 

Philly Cheese Steak Casserole - all the requirements of a Sunday comfort meal.

Have a fantastic end to your week! <3

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