Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thankful 5.17.18


1. Hummingbird! Danielle hung a feeder in our backyard and within days we had a beautiful visitor. I could get into this bird lady thing.

2. I visited Grandma June in the nursing home and she was so, so much better than the last time I had seen her. Yay for improvement.

3. I was able to help my sister. Even though I am older, I feel like I am always asking her for help. This might be because she was a mom first, or because she is a nurse practitioner with the ability to write prescriptions, or because she is an all-around rock star at life. But today, I was able to re-pay a teensy tiny bit of help.


1. I have to be thankful that Friday was a slow day at work because I pulled into the office parking lot and realized that I left my laptop at home. I spent the next hour driving back home and then to the office again, only to realize an hour later that I packed non-matching pump parts. I took this as a sign that anything I did the rest of the day was doomed to fail and went home.

2. The girls and I visited my grandma at the nursing home and everyone had a great time. We ate goldfish, played checkers, pounded on the piano, and made a general mess of the area. All the residents loved seeing the girls which made me want to come back every single day. Ina even helped to push people back to their rooms after dinner.

The most hilarious thing was that grandma's food is pretty similar to baby food. While she didn't care for it much, Mira absolutely loved her dinner. I told Grandma to continue to save her food for Mira. Ha!

3. Ina helping me "paint" pizza. It never gets old. Well, except when it gets messy.


1. A fast (for me) 5K with Danielle before the rest of the house woke up. This is my favorite way to start a weekend.

2. Dan's dad's camper company had their new building grand opening. It was great to see some of our friends and family. We enjoyed some really good food - particularly the cast iron peach cobbler. The girls succeeded in their goal to push every button, open every cabinet, and go inside every bathroom of the 25+ campers he had on site. I hope I succeeded in my goal of wiping all the Cheeto dust off their hands before they did so.

3. We opened the pool! The whole process was a team effort. Mr. Kyle ran the electricity. I scooped the water off the cover with 5 gallon bucket and a ladder. Dan fit the pipes. Danielle made margaritas and made sure Mira wasn't crying. The water was beyond cold, but seeing the kids jump in the water over and over again was all worth it. At one point Gunner screamed, "I feel so ALIVE!" right before cannon balling off the ladder.

Sunday: Mother's Day

1. The most beautiful Mother's Day service at church. They sang the song Slow Down and had a picture slide show of a lot of the babies at church. Ina and Cora were on there a few times and you better believe I cried. So sweet.

2. A delicious Mother's Day brunch with my sister, sister-in-law, aunt, mom, and grandma. At first going without the kids seemed odd, but then when I started thinking about it more, I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate with my mom and also celebrate myself without trying to keep kids quiet and in place in a restaurant or cleaning my house. Win-win!

3. Dan was able to get the stuff together to build his mom a tiered strawberry planter. He is so handy sometimes.

1. I remembered I didn't pack my phone in one of the five bags I packed before I left city limits. Technically, that isn't forgetting, right?

2. Dan was home early enough for me to take Ina to dance solo. They handed out the recital costumes (so cute) and I recorded their routine so Ina could practice at home.

Now for something I never thought I would say: I need to buy some red lipstick.

3. The girls and I told stories before bed instead of reading. Their imaginations crack me up. I had to cut both of them off after five minutes because we would have never gone to sleep, but I really wanted to hear what happened to Cora's "giant puppy and the monster."


1. Costco sells pool supplies at a fraction of the price of Amazon. They work just as well, right? Right.

2. Wine night with a few friends that included TJ's fig and olive crackers. I need more of those in my life ASAP.

3. Dan made it home safely after driving to St. Louis and back in one day and working in between. Whew, it made me so tired just thinking about it.


1. All of my in-the-office meetings were cancelled, so I had an extra work from home (read: no makeup and messy bun) day.

2.Grandma Frankie picked up the older girls for a sleepover. I called to check on them and wasn't surprised to find they had already painted their faces and eaten ice cream cones.

3. Danielle and I planted flowers, tomatoes, jalapenos, kale, cucumbers, and herbs. We had so much fun going to the store to buy the plants and seeds and then digging in the dirt. I didn't know if we would be able to have any kind of garden this year, and although it is pretty darn small, I think we will really love and use the veggies we do harvest.


Greek chicken bowls using this recipe but swapping the tortillas for quinoa.

The rest of the days on my planner either say "pizza" (once made at home and once ordered in) or "leftovers" which is evidence that the busy summer time is here!

I hope you have a lovely end to your week!

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