Friday, May 25, 2018

Lots of Pool Time + Ina's First Day of Summer School

Monday after work I made the rogue decision to swim with the kids and do water aerobics with Danielle in the 0.95 hour window I had between picking everyone up/getting snacks/nursing the baby and getting out of the pool/drying off/leaving for dance lessons.

Swimming was fun, but during the mad rush after there was one point when all three girls were crying at the same time (Mira because I think she is cutting a tooth, Cora because she was wet, cold, and wanted me to hold her, and Ina because I was trying to comb through her jungle hair to get it into a somewhat presentable bun for dance). Lots of deep breathing later Mira, Ina, and I were off to dance lessons. Cora stayed with Danielle who also cooked us dinner while we were gone (there is a special place in heaven for that woman).

Ina learned the dance to the opening number for her dance recital to the Gilligan's Island theme song. I loved watching every second and there is an adorable part during the lightning/thunder strike where the girls do a star jump and my 9 year old self wanted to join in.

After leaving dance, then turning around half way home when I realized I forgot a recital ticket for one family member, we came home to a delicious spaghetti dinner.

Tuesday morning my friend Hannah came over for coffee talk with Danielle and I, which is always such a great way to start the day. I worked from home, which usually makes the day more calm, but I had back to back meetings starting at 7 am. Granny picked the girls up around 8 and the day was non-stop until I closed my lap top at 4:15 to pick the girls up for swim lessons.

I was just getting the hang of taking all three kids to swim lessons by myself when Cora made sure to knock my confidence down a few notches. The logistics of swim diapers that don't collect liquid are complicated, which resulted in Cora screaming, "I pottied, I pottied" and me dragging her and a napping Mira in her thousand pound carseat to the bathroom, rinsing everything out, and politely asking for Clorox wipes at the front desk.

We came from from swim lessons to get in our pool, but I had to quickly exit because Cora filled her swim diaper again...which has never happened in the 2 years she has been swimming.

 Look forward to potty training updates v. soon.

Wednesday I spent a large part of the day freaking out about the chemicals in our pool after Danielle took some water to the pool store and they printed out a report detailing the billion steps we needed to take to fix the billion problems there were. I knew something was wrong when Danielle text me that she had a report. They have never given us a "report" before.

However, I stopped by the store after work and the wonderful people there talked me off the ledge and only $55 and some shortened instructions later, the pool is back in business.

Once that fire was put out, another quickly started because Mira had a 102 degree fever and Cora was crying complaining about her ear and chin hurting. Ina spent the night at Granny's and Dan worked late and the Champs were at a concert, so I spent the evening rocking two babies and medicating them back to a comfortable position.

Thursday both girls woke up in much, much better moods.  I worked from home. I love these mornings because the time I would normally use to get ready and pack up stuff for work I can instead use to meander around outside, water the plants, and smell the pool water.

This evening was the rare combination of no one in the house having any extra activities plus Dan getting home at a decent time from work, so we celebrated with all of us getting in the pool and eating a delicious dinner together. After dinner we quickly had bath time and bed time because Friday was Ina's first day of full day pre-kindergarten summer school!

She is starting at the school where she will be for the next seven years if all goes according to plan (I realize how big of an if that is, I promise). I drove her in for her first day, but she will be riding the bus from Granny's house from now on.

We were greeted by a very friendly principal and after directions from only a few different people, we finally found her classroom and new teacher. She immediately recognized a few kids from preschool and dance class and found her name and sat down to the task of coloring a picture.

It all seemed so normal that both of us forgot to cry when I told her bye and made my way to the office for some paperwork.

I have a good feeling about this school.

I hope you have a good week! A few recipes we made this week:

Pad Thai - this will forever have my heart as one of my favorite meals of all time.

Monterrey Chicken - so, so, so good.

A new to me snack - brown rice cake topped with peanut butter, berries, and cinnamon. Mmmm...

Have a good holiday weekend! If I don't post again it is because potty training a red-headed two year old can actually kill a person.


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