Tuesday, May 22, 2018

BBQ + Baptisms + Birthday


I am going to start a new blogging rhythm. I loved finding 3 things to be thankful for everyday, but I want to post more than once a week. I also found myself "reporting" rather than being thankful, so I could squeeze certain things into a blog post. I am hoping to post every Monday(ish) and Friday(ish) and to continue to jot down three things to be thankful for in my planner, because that practice is fantastic.

So, we left off last Wednesday after we planted all of our glorious plants. I worked from home on Thursday and had the luxury of getting only one kid (who doesn't require shoes and therefore cannot lose them) out of the house as the older two girls were living it up at Grandma Frankie's.

Ina's parent teacher conference was cancelled, so I quickly changed from the dress I was wearing to my glow in the dark Star Wars shirt and lounge shorts and took Mira to the nursing home to visit my grandma.

Want to feel popular? Take an adorable baby to a nursing home.

I hope I didn't traumatize Mira by handing her off to a few of the residents, but holding her made them so, so happy.

We had to hurry home for an abnormally late work meeting for me with some co-workers in Australia and then Danielle and I drank a glass of rose while the kids played outside and we finished up dinner (see below).

Dan and the older girls arrived home around 9 PM unfed and unshowered, so we had an abnormally late night, but I loved hearing about all the adventures at Grandma Frankie's house. She is such a blessing to our family.

I went into the office on Friday and had a relatively busy day while the girls stayed home with Danielle. I came home to find Mira and Cora both still napping, dinner practically ready, and Ina in her swimsuit.

It was a wonderful spring/summer Friday night that consisted of swimming, grilled burgers, mayo heavy salads, wine, and card playing. The only thing that would have made it better...never mind...nothing would have made it better (even though I went set twice in cards).

I woke up Saturday morning to rain and being oh so excited that Dan didn't have to work. After I finished work the rain subsided enough for us to go swimming and Danielle and I to do water aerobics. The kids all joined in and by the end of the 20 minutes my arms and legs were sore.

The whole house cleaned up just in time to head to church for a couple in our small group's baptism. Ryann and Kevin are new to our group and church and we were so excited about and proud of their decision to follow Jesus.

Dan serves on the baptism team (cleaning up the water, handing out towels, etc.) on Sunday mornings, so when he asked if he could help out with this one too, our pastor answered with, "You can get in the tub!"

Dan told me this story later and confirmed that he completely broke down in tears at the opportunity to help baptize some of our friends. I don't know if anyone from our small group had a dry eye at the end of it. God is good.

Sunday morning was nice and slow, as we had been to church the night before. This was good because we were up late on Saturday and then Ina woke up in the middle of the night in a coughing fit so bad she was sick. Poor baby - after some nebulized albuterol she seemed to get better.

I roasted a huge pan of veggies for the week, read my bible for small group, and puttered around the house until it was time to leave for my niece Hallaway's birthday party.

Jessie had planned slime making and painting for activities. I don't know if Ina and Cora could have been more excited, as activities are their love language.

We had to leave the party early to get back home in time for small group, and having Cora put the paint brush down wasn't going so well, so when my brother-in-law offered to keep the older girls until the party was over, I barely even asked, "are you sure?" before grabbing Mira and running out the door.

We had an awesome small group discussion (we are studying Luke right now) and I was sad to see everyone leave.

Danielle and I finished up dinner and soon Jessie and Cody were back with the girls and their kids who joined the Champ boys and all played outside for the next hour while the adults chatted. I wish they could have stayed forever. Even though I objected, the weekend was determined to end.

I hope you have a good week! I will (hopefully) see you on Friday morning with a recap of our week.


The best carnitas with our favorite easy slaw and a boxed Mexican quinoa from Aldi jazzed up with roasted corn and a can each of tomatoes and black beans. Everyone (including all five kids) loved it.

Rainbow Potato salad- I strongly recommend this for your next BBQ contribution. Or possibly broccoli salad. Better yet, bring both.

Taco salad - nothing special, but I kind of forgot about how delicious and simple taco meat and all the fixings are on top of tortilla chips and lettuce.

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