Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thankful 4.5.18

(I am an entire week behind over here...)


One: The girls and I ventured out for a walk around the lake. The paths were muddy and the air was cold, but the sun occasionally peeked out and the insects sang us lots of songs as I pushed the younger girls in the stroller and Ina rode her bike.

I specifically enjoyed watching Ina ride her bike through a huge puddle, stop, smile bigger than Texas, giggle, then turn around and do it again...and again...and again. I have so many memories of Dan driving through puddles with the exact same giggle and grin.

Lord help me.

Two: The second book in the Red Rising series was available from my library for download. Fact: I will be getting much less sleep this week.

ThreeI had  the joy of meeting our new financial planner face to face for the first time. Sometimes being an adult and making responsible adult decisions about what to do with tax return money isn't fun. BUT it is nice to have someone encouraging us with potential retirement ages less than 70 years old.


One: One of Ina's friends from school came over for a play date, along with his mom and little brother. This was the first time that we had a play date with one of Ina's friends whose parents weren't my friends. Of course we were a little nervous, but we made muffins and everything went perfectly! I really enjoyed chatting with his mom and think we could have talked for hours without the kids even there.

Two: On the last day of spring break, the sun finally decided to come out. We played outside and enjoyed every second of it. Gibbo took Cora for a ride in the power wheels and there is now a deep dirt circle in our back yard.

Three: The Greatest Showman. I predict that movie will be on repeat at our house.

One: I wasn't feeling a run, so Danielle and I went on a 2.5 mile walk. The weather was beautiful and the change of pace was great.

Two: My mom's side of the family met at the park for a pre-Easter celebration. I met my cream cheese and powdered sugar quota for the year and made carrot cake and dirt cake. Ina and Cora just loved playing with their cousins and Mira mostly slept, but was passed around a few times before we left.

Three: As he knew the forecast for Easter, the Easter Bunny decided to drop off eggs the day before. Watching the kids run around the back yard and search for eggs was so fun.

One: Our church and the amazing worship they put together for Easter. Wow. Just wow. Now that one of the band members lives with us, I see first hand the amount of work that goes into creating each weekend's services, and I am so thankful for them.

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Two: Dan's grandma invited us to her house for Easter lunch. Unfortunately Dan had to work on the salt truck to treat the ice/snow that was falling from the sky on Easter. Although we missed him, everyone at Grandma Frankie's helped with getting the girls food, entertaining them, holding the baby, etc.

On the way home we passed car wreck after car wreck, so I was incredibly grateful to pull into the warm and dry garage with all of my babies safe.

Three: Although nontraditional for Easter, we had chili for dinner and it was perfect. Mira absolutely loved the beans and tomatoes and at one point I thought I might die sitting there putting half a bean after half a bean in her mouth and watching her gum them to smithereens. She grunted/whined at me if I didn't get another one in there soon enough. This reminded me of when Ina smuggled chili beans in her leg rolls. 

One: I started a habit tracker. I need something to keep me accountable to a few things. Nothing fancy, just a notes page in my planner tracking bible reading, water intake, exercise, and joy. The last is kind of hard to measure, but I basically think back on the day and assess my grouchiness. Tracking this has been a huge game changer and Dan has actually commented multiple times about how much better of a mood I am in.

Two: Dan took Ina to dance and the house was empty with just the two babies. I technically usually label Cora as one of the "big girls", but she would gladly be a baby for at least the next five years.

Three: My friend Hannah came to the rescue when we needed a last minute notary. She is the best.

One: Being able to work from home and witness Cora coming down the stairs from waking up in full spider man garb. That girl makes me laugh so much.

Two: Surviving taking all three kids to swim lessons by myself. Dan usually accompanies me in the interest of safety alone, but I successfully changed both girls into their swimsuits, carried Mira in her car seat in one hand and Cora in the other around the outside of the pool without knocking anyone over or dropping Mira in the pool, walked back and forth to both classes, changed them back into their clothes despite their leggings' general refusal to go on wet skin, and buckled them all back into the car without even once yelling, which is pretty big for me.

One: After getting ready for the day, I walked downstairs to my mother-in-law putting my kale on the stove. Not only does she care for my children, do 70%+ of my laundry, and sweep my floors, she also makes me breakfast. I can't even.

Two: I came home to the living room and toy room cleared out in preparation for having my carpets cleaned. Yes, I am as far into suburban motherhood as one can be, because having my carpets cleaned just might be the highlight of my year.

Three:  Celebrating Dan's birthday with his favorite food - chicken and noodles. I picked up the groceries on the way home, and started it, but his chicken and noodles have to be completed by him. I felt bad that he had to cook his own birthday dinner, but promised a dinner out over the weekend.


Slow cooker lentils and rice - I love this recipe because the caramelized onions are my favorite, it is super cheaper, and can be made with things I already have on hand. The kids weren't huge fans, which I understand, because I admit the dish looks less than appetizing. More leftovers for me.

Pad Thai - I still firmly believe that meals like that are proof that God loves us.

Dan's spinach and feta turkey burgers (<-- throwback post) using homemade Greek seasoning with broccoli salad and tater tots.

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