Monday, April 30, 2018

Thankful 4.26.18

1. Poor Ina was sick in the middle of the night and missed her school's dance-a-thon in support of a charity to provide wells for families in Kenya. She was so excited about this day and even told strangers about it weeks ahead of time. But, she took the news that she had to stay home pretty well considering. The stomach bug is no fun, but thankfully both girls appeared fine in between GI episodes.

2. Roseanne reruns.

3. The girls stayed the night at my grandparents' house with my Aunt Charmen. They were so excited to see her they barely told me goodbye. Mira enjoyed being an only child for a few hours.


1. My gym family. Due to Dan's new work schedule, I won't be able to join them at 5 am on weekdays, but they are still finding ways to help me get my workout in. They are the best.

2. A Kohl's gift card put to good use. My work wardrobe was struggling big time.

3. The Champs were home on a Friday night! Even though we all live in the same house, at times in feels like we are just passing by each other. We made amazing pizza (see below) and watched Ghostbusters.

1. Bleach. So thankful for bleach. Cora asked to wear her Paw Patrol panties and minutes later I really wished I had kept that diaper on her. It was bad. Really bad.

2. Taking the time to have fun with the kids. We had a few free afternoon hours and made the last minute decision to drive to Longview Lake to feed the fish. There were period in my life when I wouldn't have been able to enjoy this, thinking I was wasting precious productivity hours or at least thinking of what needed to be done when I returned home. However, I am so happy to say that I truly enjoyed watching Cora talk to the fish and Ina climb rocks like her life depended on it. I am taking this as a reminder to get out with them more.

3. I was able to share my (pretty limited) kombucha knowledge with my friend Hannah. However, in the process I am afraid I might have killed my SCOBY because I was so distracted. The last time I checked it was floating vertically in the container, which I am pretty sure isn't a good sign.

1. Driving home from church screaming/singing our favorite songs on KLOVE.

2. Danielle let me borrow her steam mop, which my hard wood floors desperately needed. I might have to get one once they move out.

3.My Ryrie Bible. It is a very useful/helpful study bible if you are looking for one.

1. Dan started a new job! We were so thankful to our friend Eric for employing him the last few years, but it was time for a change. He is working to install synthetic lawn/turf. He called over his lunch break to tell me he was installing a putting green in someone's back yard. Fancy.

2. Having the opportunity to watch Cora play at the park while her older sister was having dance lessons close by. Seeing her be so friendly to strangers always catches me off guard, as she typically sticks by her sister's side and generally isn't what I would describe as "friendly" to strangers.

3. A nice walk with the jogging stroller.


1. Cora's closet is cleaned out/organized. As she is the middle girl and has the largest closet, clothes tend to stay there the longest. She also loves to pick one shoe to carry around the house, resulting in me going bonkers trying to get her dressed in the morning with 9 single shoes. Also, she and Gibson love to close the door and play in her closet, so a few discarded snack bowls had to be removed. All of that to say it was a rather large job and I am happy it is over.

2. Jillian Michaels Body Revolution continues to be one of my favorite workouts.


1.The rainy weather resulted in Dan coming home from work early. This new job has a lot of work hours involved, so early was still after 8 hours, but we were excited to have him home for dinner.

2. Mira has her first tooth! I  have yet to see it, but Granny swears it is there.

3. Ina finished her school survey and announced on her class's Facebook page that the winning color was blue. She then proceeded to instruct everyone to wear blue on a certain day. When her teacher asked what blue things everyone should wear, she answered with, "Blue cups...maybe a blue dog?"

Currently seeking a blue dog accessory.


Pizza and salad with my new favorite pizza crust recipe from Danielle. I also really love using the giant cookie sheets for pizza - we split one down the middle (pesto chicken / BBQ chicken) and the other was good ol' pepperoni and black olives. This will be repeated every Friday night for the foreseeable future.

Salisbury steak meatballs with bacon brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes. Everyone loved these. Dan helped make the meatballs and we had them in the slow cooker all day.

Costco rotisserie chicken, roasted broccoli, and sweet potato fries. It doesn't get easier than that, folks. Plus, I used the chicken carcasses (sorry) to make broth.

Sweet and sour chicken with Dan's egg and veggie fried rice - not the "cleanest" meal, but everyone in the house loved it. We had to stop Ina from using her spoon as a shovel to get the rice in her mouth as fast as possible.

Have a good week! <3

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