Monday, April 23, 2018

Thankful 4.19.18


1. I worked from home with most of the windows in the house open. I cannot put into words how much joy this brings me. After work we smoked chicken legs and brussels sprouts (a method worth repeating all grilling season long) and drank ice cold rose out of our new insulated wine cups. Spring, I am ready for you.

2. My mother-in-law brought me home a huuugee cookie sheet. Although I predict many cookies will be baked on it, I am more excited about its potential veggie roasting capabilities.

3. Ina had kindergarten screening, which was our first chance to visit her new school. She practically ran in there and couldn't help but squeal when we opened the doors, shouting, "Wow, it is sooo big!"  The screening was pretty basic, asking her things that Danielle taught her long ago, but it was a great chance to meet the staff of her new school. She will hopefully be starting their pre-k summer school there is a few weeks! I am going to focus my attention on her excitement and try to stop freaking out about my baby being old enough for kindergarten.

1. Reading a book out of a book instead of on a screen. There is just something more fun about that.

2. Mira learned how to splash in the bath. Oh the squeals, giggles, and awe. I love that girl. Never before have I had the joy of a 6 month old while getting a full night's sleep on the regular.

3. The movie Coco. I wasn't prepared for the emotional ending. I cried at the end and squeezed my family a little tighter all weekend long.

1.The Circle Round podcast. Ina was entranced in the car for two thirty minute stories and keeps asking for more.

2. I took Ina and Mira to visit my grandma in the hospital. She has had some concerning changes in her mental status and is generally really confused. She might not have known we were there, but I was glad we went. Mira cuddled with her in the hospital bed for a while and Ina sang her a song she will sing at preschool graduation and played race cars with her walker.

3. The spirit of adventure in our kids for trying new foods. Tonight we (by "we" I mean Danielle) made a Thai soup (khao soi gai) that was inspired from an episode of Somebody Feed Phil. To them, it was just a regular Saturday night. The egg rolls on the side might have slightly helped.


1. Having the opportunity to witness some amazing baptisms at church. This was my second happy cry of the weekend.

2. Danielle helped me clean the house for small group. It is amazing what two women can do to a house with 30 minutes and no kids asking them for a drink.

3. Our small group babysitter Miss Emily was back! We had missed her the past few weeks and small group is much, much more successful if she is there to reign in the kids.

1. Drinking coffee before the gym made my workout more enjoyable, which I didn't think was possible.

2. My friend Kathleen is back to work from maternity leave! Yay!

3. Real-talk conversations with the other moms of Ina's dance peers. Sometimes it is refreshing to know there are other people in the world going through the same challenging parenting stuff as you and they aren't trying to hide it. I couldn't hide it if I tried, because Ina caught me reading my book instead of watching her dance and she walked to the window, pounded on it until I looked up, and then yelled, "Pay attention!" As if that wasn't enough, she followed with the two fingers to her eyes, two fingers pointed at me, I'm watching you sign as she glaringly walked away back to her teacher.

I wasn't embarrassed at all to get reprimanded by my five year old in front of a whole room of strangers. Thanks for asking.

1. Our friend Charlotte brought us so many treats, but the one I am most excited about was Blue Bell ice cream. They recently stopped selling Blue Bell in the Kansas City area, so this was an extra special treat. Everyone else in my house should be thankful I didn't hide the ice cream in the garage freezer. Ha!

2. Another treat she brought were lots of little books to help Ina practice reading. She is starting to get the hang of a few small words and will recognize words on signs when we are driving. I am trying to be very patient when it comes to her learning to read, but really I can't wait until we can lounge on a beach somewhere under an umbrella together and read the same book and discuss afterwards.

3. My mom is paying Dan to mow her 3+ acre yard, so even though he was away most of the evening and missed dinner, it is nice to have some extra cash. Also, Danielle and the boys were there, so I wasn't alone in my plight to have my children eat their food and stay seated and not spill their drinks and not touch each other and not stand on the table.

1. Cora was sick and my mother in law called to tell me so, but I didn't have to leave the office. One (of the many) advantages of having her watch the girls is that I don't have to leave when they are sick. That of course will change when she starts school, but I will take the extra help while I can!

2. I had the chance to visit my grandma in the hospital and chat with her neurologist. Unfortunately she is not improving mentally and all the normal typical causes have been ruled out. She explained the next level of tests they are going to do and I am thankful they are continuing to look for an answer. The good news is that although my grandma has no idea who I am (or who she is) she still remains as happy and giggly as ever.

3. My aunt came in town from Texas to help with my grandma. No matter the reason, it is always good to see her.


Veggie sloppy joes on sweet potatoes with roasted green beans and carrots and salad. Always a crowd favorite.

BBQ chicken nachos (a great Friday night dinner with leftover grilled chicken) - topped with red onions, cilantro, black beans, jalapenos, cheese, and a few drops of BBQ sauce. Mira loved the black beans.

Skillet chicken cordon bleu with melting potatoes and roasted asparagus. Those potatoes are next level. Make them now.

Sun dried tomato pesto and goat cheese chicken with pasta and roasted broccoli. The kids also had an alfredo sauce that Danielle whipped up as an afterthought.

Another week of good food around here! Have a great week! <3

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