Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thankful 4.12.18


1. The gym for an almost-vomit-inducing workout. Holy moly, my legs and my lungs were done. I was also partners with one of the guys and I think that change in pace really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

2. Cleeeaaaannnn carpets! This company seriously worked miracles. I no longer sit on my couch and want to cringe at all the coffee/wine/food/jello/mystery stains.

3. The Champs for giving Dan a birthday gift to be extra excited about. Yes, this is what thirty-three looks like: seeing who can eat the most extra spicy horseradish. I love it.


1.Liz from my gym made Dan the most amazing chocolate peanut butter cake. I would show you a disappeared before I could take one.

2. Ghostbusters. Why are we just now discovering this?

3. A few extended Champ family members came over for dinner. You know I just love having our dinner table full. Hosting is particularly easy when you have another mom to help/do most of the work!


1. Danielle and I did our nails (using this gel dip kit), waxed our eyebrows (half way off, in my case - also thankful for brow pencils), and did a yoga video. It was an incredibly productive morning.

2. We went out to eat to celebrate Dan's birthday on the plaza with the Champs. After a delicious lunch, we walked around the stores, walked in a few (and quickly exited because of all the tiny grabby hands) and then spent some time at the book store. My desire to read all the books to my kids was re-ignited.

3. Frozen margaritas while watching Roseanne. Living the good life.

1. A couple from our small group started their own financial journey vlog! Aren't they beyond adorable? Watching their first video made so proud of them and so motivated to get to our next step. I really look forward to watching their videos and use them as my motivation.

2. Our friends the Nybergs came over for lunch. We always love catching up with them.

3. Snow in April. I am convincing myself to not complain about the weather and instead appreciate the huge, fluffy snowflakes. (I had to repeat this multiple times. Out loud.)


1. A fresh loaf of sourdough.

2. For the first time since I have enrolled my children in any activity, I dropped Ina off at dance lessons and ran a few errands before returning to pick her up an hour later. Wow, that is a working-mom game changer, particularly when Dan is home with the other two.

3. The book The One and Only Ivan that I picked up from the library. We are reading it to the girls (Cora sort of pays attention) and it is very cute (but a little sad), has occasional pictures, and very short "chapters." An all-around win if you are looking for a read aloud book to younger children.

1.  JM's yoga meltdown - sometimes you just need some yoga.

2. Dan had to work later so Danielle kept baby Mira while I took the older girls to swim lessons. I am technically able to juggle all three of them at once...but after squeezing two pairs of leggings on wet legs I am not the best at it.

3. Early bedtime plus lots of reading.

1. Walking out of work with the sun shining on my face. I distinctly remember this day every spring.

2. I walked into the house with dinner already prepped - build your own naan pizzas! Having pesto, artichokes, chicken, and spinach ready to go is amazing.

3. Granny is having the girls help her plant some things outside. I just love that they are getting their hands in the dirt.

Recipes:  - wow, we have eaten really well this week:

Pork Ragu with roasted broccoli and asparagus- I forgot how much I absolutely love that recipe. It is just as delicious and it is easy.

Enchiladas, slaw, rice. You can't lose with that combo of recipes - plus the traditional "we're having Mexican" tamale run.

Greek chicken burritos - we did this for after church lunch as more of a "build your own pita/bowl." We also added brown rice, kalamata olives, feta cheese, hummus, lettuce, and good ol' ranch dressing to the mix and everyone (kids and adults alike) loved it.

Korean Style chicken lettuce wraps with roasted broccoli and green beans. I am obsessed with the crunch of the lettuce. So good - another all around winner on time and ease of preparation as well as taste.

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