Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Thankful 3.29.18


One: Freckles across the top of Ina's nose. Love, love love.

Two: Playing basketball with the kids. We played knockout and not only did I win a game (I think it was a pure miracle), but my heart rate was higher than the morning's workout and I was having a blast with my husband, kids, and friends. Oh, and a few neighbor kids came to play too.

The basketball goal is hands down the best thing (from a loooonnnggg list of things) that Dan has randomly brought home.

Three: Ridding Mira's closet of the clothes that don't fit her. I forget how often this has to be done in the wee baby stages. Anything less than six months was either put in the "to sell" or "to give back to Aunt Jessie" piles. I am now significantly less overwhelmed when I try to get her something to wear.


One: Lunch with Kathleen, my friend from work at a Greek restaurant, where I ordered two of my favorite foods (gyro meet and baklava). She also gave the girls the sweetest books. They were so excited.

Two: Our neighbor/friend Kim crocheted Ina a Nemo purse and Cora a little "piggy" purse and has volunteered to teach Ina to crochet. She is a brave soul.

Three: Watching Dan use LinkedIn. He is not the biggest fan of social media, but wants to network with people he has worked with in the past. It cracks me up when he finds someone he hasn't talked to in a few years and the joy he gets when he reconnects.

One: Grandma Frankie picked up the big girls in the morning for a day full of Easter fun. They went to an Easter egg hunt and dyed eggs. When we picked them up that night, Cora had a new stuffed bunny in each hand, Ina had multiple bunnies painted on her face, and they both had baskets overflowing with candy.

Two: My gym had a little get together at an ax throwing place downtown. Although I wasn't the best (anyone surprised?), I did manage to hit one bulls eye. The majority of my throws bounced off and hit the pile of wood shavings on the ground. Dan, of course, was naturally fantastic and hit many, many of his throws.

Three: After ax throwing Dan and I went on a date to a Cooper's Hawk Winery. The wine was good, the food was better, and being on a date with my husband was the best.

One: The girls each sang a song with their class at "big church." Cora was first and was just as cute as she could be making the animal sounds to the song and bouncing her body up and down. However, she was easily distracted by the screen behind her and kept turning around, so we mostly saw her back.

Ina was next and took her role incredibly seriously. I was slightly concerned for the safety of the kids next to her as she swung her arms up and down and side to side like her life depended on it. I just love the intensity of that child.

Two: Some of our family came to church to watch the girls and then came over to the house for lunch after. The kids played and the adults talked. The dark months between Christmas and Easter are over and we can now be social again.

Three: I had the opportunity to drive my grandparents home after lunch. As I am usually mom-ing when I am around them, we don't get a lot of time to chat. The 40 minute drive home was the perfect opportunity to catch up with them on a few things. Then I listened to my favorite podcast on the way home.

One: Day 1 of Spring Break. We dyed Easter eggs with the kids, which is one of Ina's most anticipated events of the year. We even had little mini-eggs, but the shells on those were a little more fragile, and not as resistant to Cora's squeezing fingers.

Two: Cora used the potty! Twice! I tried the "no diaper or panties" method (combined with the lots of candy rewarding method) and she did it. However, I think we are still a long, long way from being completely there. It is a power struggle for sure.

One: I slept more than a mom of three should be allowed to in one night. I think it was at least 9 hours. God bless spring break.

Two: My closet is now cleaned out and ascetically pleasing for my spring wardrobe. I am still in the in between not pregnant, but still nursing, but not back to my pre-pregannacy clothes size, so what I wear is kind of a mash-up. But, this too shall pass.

Three: Granny went to swim lessons with us. It is fun seeing her watch the girls.

One: We finally made it to the zoo after poor Gibbo was sick on the way to the zoo, resulting in both mini-vans turning around to head back for home, clean up, re-group, and head out again. As soon as Danielle called to tell me we had to turn around, Ina started crying and Cora told me that if we didn't go to the zoo "Daddy is going to give you a BIG spanking and you have to sit in the red chair."

Whew, glad I shaped up.

Two: All the kids were great at the zoo, but Mira was amazing. She stayed in the stroller the entire time, except when we ate lunch and kicked my food all over the floor. She didn't cry and instead chose to either sleep or take in all the sights around her with wide open eyes. God just knew I needed her as my third baby.

Three:  The zoo had a lot of animals out. I think the favorites consisted of all the Lion Guard characters and feeding the goats. I liked getting out of the house and walking around, even if it was cold and drizzly. (Not the best week to go on spring break.)


Veggie Turkey Meatloaf- we love this stuff.

Sourdough pizza crust - something to do with the leftover start! Other than give it away, which I am not against, so let me know if you too want to start making your own delicious sourdough bread to eat avocado toast with every morning.

Chicken Parmesan casserole with salad, green beans, and pasta. Everyone loved it!

Monterrey chicken with roasted veggies and brown rice-  make it now.

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