Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thankful 3.8.18

  1. I worked from home with the girls (because I gave their caregiver strep). After dropping Ina off at preschool I tried to put the other two girls to sleep, but neither of them was cooperating and I had work to do and lunch to eat. So, I did the unusual and put them both in their cribs while they were still awake and went downstairs to eat. I checked on them once I was finished and they were both asleep. (!!!) That was mom magic right there! (This is mostly why I only write once a week. If I wrote daily, the only thing I would write about is how my children slept the night before...because...well...that is all that really matters to me right now. Ha! I need my sleep.)
  2. The treat of going out to eat with one of Dan's cousins and his family who we very rarely get to see. Ina was pumped to learn all the tricks that can be played on your parents with straws and their wrappers. Let's all hope she forgets those tricks the next time we visit a restaurant.
  1. A full to-do list at work with lots of checks by the end of the day.
  2. We had some mentor/coaches from our church over for dinner. They took the craziness of our family in stride and gave us so much wisdom over a few hours' time. We are so thankful for their influence on our lives. 
  3. Cowboy cookies. Oh man. I will need to have Danielle share the recipe. 
  1. A beautiful and refreshing run/walk with Danielle. After a week off from exercise due to being sick, I was happy to get my legs moving again.
  2. Dan cut his hair and saved his beard! Our opinions on facial hair differ greatly, but he mostly wants to keep his beard to not look like a 13 year old. I told him lots of people want to look like a teenager again. Ha!
  3. Every single article of Kendrick clothing was clean and put away for a few hours. I told the girls they weren't allowed to take their clothes off. 

  1. Dan's dad, step-mom, sister, and brother-in-law came over for a visit. We were all so excited to see them (Ina particularly), but I have to admit that I was just as excited that they were taking a boat of a car out of my garage. Now the challenge will be to prevent something else other than Danielle's van from filling that space. I am just ignoring how often Dan has been perusing Craig's List.
  2. My living room full of people reading The Word out loud together. The power of that simple act surprises me every single time.
  3. Even though my day was pretty full, I didn't feel rushed or stressed. This had some to do with the day at home on Saturday, but also to do with my new determination to not feel that way anymore. 

  1. Back at the gym after a week off. I love those people.
  2. Mira smiles. She is just the sweetest baby.

  1. Danielle's old neighbor gave us a sourdough start. Danielle fed it overnight, so I am looking forward to some freshly baked bread around here. (Edited to add that it is ah-mazing, specifically as avocado toast in the morning. 
  2. Ina's swim teacher's patience with her spending more time under water than above it. I know that not swimming while in a pool is pure torture for a kid, but she still needs to pay attention and listen. 


  1. Mid week morning coffee talk with Hannah and Danielle. There is just something about sitting around drinking coffee and talking to loved ones early in the morning. It is amazing. 
  2. Bonus day at work. Always a good day. I tell myself that I am so blessed to have a job and anything on top is really great icing on the cake. 
  3. Granny stayed for dinner! She usually leaves when I get home from work, but it was lovely to have her there. Of course she also did the dishes and extra laundry. 

Monterey Chicken (again- even better the second time because I let the chicken marinate for close to 24 hours) with Mexican brown rice, roasted green beans, broccoli, and salad

Carnitas with cabbage slaw and "refried" beans. I love those carnitas and the leftovers make a great salad with the slaw and bottom of the tortilla chip bag for lunch. The kids ate them quesadilla-style. Tamales may have been involved.

Coconut curry chicken with brown rice, broccoli, and naan. I only had one can of coconut milk and couldn't double the recipe, so I improvised and combined a few different recipes. However, the one linked is great.

Asian glazed chicken legs with veggie/egg fried rice (made by Dan) and roasted green beans. I always forget that the glaze takes a lot longer to boil down than the recipe indicates, but it is so worth the wait.

No bake energy balls: trying to increase my milk supply with the healthy fats, oatmeal, and seeds. Mira eats quite a bit more (like double!) than I pump on the days that I go in the office. I find this interesting, because she doesn't act hungry on the days I work from home and the weekend and obviously my body makes the same every day. My frozen supply is almost I have to do something. I never had this problem with Ina or Cora, so I am hoping it will work itself out eventually. I added an extra pumping session to my calendar at work and am chugging water like crazy.

Have a good end to your week! <3

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