Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thankful 3.22.18

  1. My friend Brandi from the gym brought us some freshly laid eggs from her chickens. I already get more joy out of breakfast than a person should, so adding 2 fresh eggs to my sauteed kale and avocado toast (made with homemade sourdough!; topped with crushed red pepper!), seriously took my joy to the next level. I would love to have chickens, but I also know that my patience/energy could not bear the weight of a single additional life depending on me (seriously, I don't let plants in the door unless someone else agreed to water them), so I will have to reap the benefits of someone else's hard work. BUT, when these children of mine can start earning their keep, bring me all the chickens. 
  2. Mira's 6 month check up was great. Her doctor had some real talk with me about sleeping, nursing, being a human pacifier, etc. At one point she put her arm on me and said, "I hope you know you are a really good mom, but you also need to take care of yourself." She might not have known that I was tearomg up a little because my pink eye is still raging. Ha! 
  3. The birds were singing in the morning and the sun was out to play all afternoon. This of course required sunglasses for all. We all sat outside on the back patio, I enjoyed a cold drink, and Mr. Kyle grilled up a feast while the kids ran around the back yard playing. When the Champs told us they were moving in, this was the night I envisioned on repeat. It was amazing. 

  1. We put Mira's newly recommended sleeping/eating strategy into effect and I slept all. night. long. I can't say that the strategy was perfectly implemented...we had a comfort feedings right before I went to sleep, but once I was out, that was it. Yay! Getting six hours of uninterrupted sleep is a game changer in the mothering world. (I might add more details about this later, but basically she was nursing almost three times as many times a day/night as a 6 month old needs to. This was okay when she was younger because she needed to stimulate my supply, but now that we are introducing other foods, we can put her on more of a "regimen." I remember hearing this advice with Ina and Cora and not really listening...but this time I was desperate.)
  2. My pink eye finally started to improve. Thursday and Friday were a little rough. 
  3. The Bible series on Netflix. I don't know why it took us this long to join the party, but we are loving watching an episode or two here and there. Ina even loves it, but (willingly) covers her head under a blanket during the more intense parts. 

  1. Danielle and I went shopping for Easter baskets for the kids while the dads stayed home with the kids. We came home to an interesting scene that included a gigantic fort and the two younger children's faces, arms, legs, feet, and ear insides covered in green marker. Coincidentally, it was St. Patrick's day, so it ended up working out. 
  2. We had a blast at our town's little St. Patrick's Day parade on Main Street. The kids caught candy, saw lots of loud vehicles, Irish Dancers, politicians, etc. I love doing stuff in our town! I was reminded that we actually have businesses that we should support just a few miles away.
  3. Our friends Justin and Angela made us the most amazing fajitas and guacamole at their house. They have an older daughter, so of course Ina was mesmerized by her bedroom, loft bunk bed, foot spa, sparkly pillow, and desk. 

  1. Dan took Ina with him to serve at our church's growth track in the afternoon and I successfully laid down both Cora and Mira in their respective rooms for a much needed nap. After I vacuumed, swept, lightly cleaned the kitchen, and folded laundry, Danielle and I sat down for a little pre-bible study. This was really nice and even though our Sunday seemed full schedule-wise, having this little time for quiet made all the difference.
  2. Our small group stayed after bible study for dinner. At one point I had to go upstairs to feed Mira, and hearing the conversation, laughter, and merriment coming up the stairs made me so, so happy. The conversations ranged from sports to parenting tactics to travel to food (always food). This is what doing life together feels like. 
  3. River Monsters is on Amazon Prime. When we gave up satellite, missing out on River Monsters was one of Dan's biggest concerns. But not any more! My fears of swimming in any lake/river/ocean can now be re-born. 

  1. Birthday cake at the gym. Liz's carrot cake is oh so good.
  2. Mira has finally started eating food. A few tricks - putting peanut butter in her cereal and not pureeing her food. She doesn't prefer to eat off the spoon and purses her lips together when I try to feed her, but hold a piece of zucchini or tomato in front of her face and her mouth opens wide. 
  3. Cora said the prayer at dinner, and it was just about the cutest thing I have ever heard. She balled up in hands and held them close to her mouth with her eyes squeezed shut and in her little voice said, "Dear God (pause), thank you for this dinner. (pause) Thank you for my daddy. Thank you for my sissy." (at this point Ina hugged her and made her mad, so she had to start over.) Dear God, thank you for lunch. Thank you for my mommy. Thank you for The Champs being here. Amen." I might have cried. 


  1. Listening to Cora scream/sing to Down to the River while I am upstairs in my office working. I can't help but smile.
  2. Stitch Fix (<--referral link; use it and your $20 styling fee will be waived) has exchanges now! My most recent fix had the perfect Easter dress, but it was a little too big. I unsuccessfully tried to find a bigger size online and was so bummed. But, then I checked out and realized I could go a size down for free. Yay!
  3. Self love. A constant work in progress. 


  1. This idea of leveraging time constraints to get more done. (I am absolutely mesmerized with The Frugalwoods blog, but the way. I am finding myself spending my free time reading old case studies on how to live as frugally as possible. When I am not reading it, I am daydreaming about what Dan and I could do with our lives in 10 years if we started living extremely frugally today. But, honestly, I also daydream about the new FitBit, Kate Spade sunglasses, and grocery shopping exclusively at Whole Foods, so there's that.)
  2. A new (to us) basketball goal. I see lots of time spent in the front yard and driveway this spring.
  3. An honest, real conversation with Dan while the girls were watching a movie. 
Recipes- just a few:

I love this kale salad. The few extra steps make it feel special. It was my contribution to our pot-luck dinner for small group.

Zucchini lasagna with roasted brussels sprouts and green beans- amazing. Danielle just peeled and chopped the zucchini and we made it more like a "casserole" than lasagna. Regardless, I loved, loved, loved it and honestly didn't miss the noodles one single bit.

Honey glazed chicken with steamed (buttered/and lightly brown sugared) carrots, roasted asparagus, and brown rice- a favorite in our house, but I always forget how long it takes to make.

Have a great end to your week/weekend! We are on spring break next week and I have a nice little staycation planned. Yay!

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