Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thankful 3.15.18

  1. Ina's teachers are helping her with a project. One day she asked her teacher what the most popular color in the school was, and that led to her surveying every kid in the school, asking each one his or her favorite color, and tallying up the results. I cannot tell you how much my heart soared when I saw that they were fueling her curious heart and showing her how to conduct research. Her last day is in May and I don't want her to leave that place. 
  2. Our taxes are done, even after the initial rejection because I miss-typed Ina's SSN. I am so excited to get that checked off my to-do list.
  3. Getting started on Cora's big girl bed! The crib is disassembled, but we hit a few kinks in getting the full bed put together. Who knew that this would take more than a few hours? Dan. Dan knew and protested when I suggested that we make it a week night project. Sorry Honey.


  1. Ina and Cora slept in Ina's twin bed all night long. Waking up to them cuddling together is one of my favorite things ever. My sister and I shared a room until I was around 10 and we moved to a house that allowed each of us to have our own room. However, we still slept in each others' rooms, because we were so used to that set-up. I hope Ina and Cora (and Mira!) are that close.
  2. Facebook Marketplace is awesome yet again. In two days I sold 3 different things and didn't even have to go out of my way to meet up with any of the buyers. 
  3. We met our friends the Bartletts at the fish fry down the street (YUM) and then they came over to hang out afterwards. They just had a beautiful baby girl that I was so excited to snuggle.

(Mira brought her own hot sauce to the fish fry)

  1. Cora's big girl bed is finally put together! This has been on my weekend to-do list for about a month. Now Dan can lie down with her on a bed while putting her to sleep instead of making a blanket pallet on the floor in her room that I constantly feel the need to clean. 
  2. The thoughtful and challenging questions that Ina asks. Man, she has come up with some doozies lately. On Saturday she asked me if humans will ever be extinct AND if the devil could be saved by Jesus. Someone should have told me that parenting involves lots and lots of pop quizzes. 
  3. Resisting the urge to clean the toy room and instead sitting down and enjoying some family time. 

  1. Eating lunch and chatting at the Nybergs' house while the kids play together. I love bouncing our thoughts on family dynamics and how to raise our children off of them. 
  2. Daylight savings time is hard in the morning...but I do love how much later it stays light outside. I am saying goodbye to SAD this year. 
  3. Cora in Gibson's spider man costume. She won't stop flexing her muscles and "spraying webbing" at me. She is so cute that I seriously have to resist the urge to purchase every costume that Marvel makes.


  1. Logic tests. I just love them.
  2. Antibiotic eye drops, and my sister for calling them in for me. Pink eye will not stop attacking our house. 
  3. The beautiful weather and Ina wanting to get outside and play and ride. Now if we could just convince her she doesn't need training wheels on her bike. 


  1. Danielle for having a birthday that gave us a reason for mid-week pizza and hot fudge sundaes. Ina sang happy birthday to her at least five times. 
  2. Cora was the only kid in her swim lesson class. She soaked up the private lesson and the one on one attention. That girl loves nothing more than swim lessons and literally starts begging to go again when I am changing her out of her swimsuit. 
  3. New sunglasses. I really want these...but I know the fastest way to lose a pair of sunglasses is to spend more than $15 on them.

  1. Dan's cousin Kiley is here helping Granny watch the girls over her spring break and Ina is loving having her here. I think she is a 30 year old at heart.  
  2. Cora's mattress came in. Sorry, I know this single thing is taking over this blog post, but it is my life right now. We tried out one of those box mattresses and are still waiting for it to expand all the way. We will report back. 
  3. Mira only ate 2 more oz. than I pumped. That might sound bad, but it is coming back from an 8 oz. deficit. I'll take it!
Recipes - not much, as we have eaten leftovers three times and went out to eat twice - very rare in our family! 

Smoked corned beef with roasted potatoes and roasted cabbage. Have you tried smoked corn beef yet? It is next level.

Veggie sloppy joes on top of sweet potatoes with roasted broccoli. Everyone loves these except for my two girls. They are ornery.

Oh, and just because I love you, if you also have something to celebrate - make these epic brownies.

Have a good end to your week! <3

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