Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thankful 3.1.2018

(Mira is meh about avocados.)

  1. Breakfast bars, because making my children a healthy breakfast sometimes isn't all its cracked up to be. We attempted smoothies. Cora's was first. I made the one she always likes, which was fine until Ina wanted something different and then Cora wanted the one that Ina had. Then Ina spilled her's all over the carpet. #breakfastbarsforlyfe.
  2. Our PAT teacher Miss Tricia. God knew what He was doing when she was assigned to us. I love her with my whole heart. She talks to us about tough stuff like potty training and sleeping, but also encourages us in what we are doing right and forgives me when I tell her stories about kicking trashcans, all the while entertaining my children and having them create great things, like Ina's self portrait below: 

  1. Going out to lunch with my friend Kathleen from work who is on maternity leave. She brought her most precious month old baby girl, who made Mira look like a giant. Seeing her put things into perspective a ton. Time goes by so so fast. We also ate Indian food, which is never a bad idea.
  2. A co-worker (who happens to be from India) gave me some mung beans to try. They were delicous, but oh so spicy.
  3. Going to Costco by myself- such a treat. 
  1. I finally made getting the girls' hair trimmed a priority. And by that I mean that at 12:30 I realized we had no plans for the next few hours, so at 1:00 I took them to Great Clips where Ina charmed the socks off her stylist, sitting perfectly still and maintaining a wonderful conversation. Cora, well, she didn't bite or kick her stylist, but wasn't the most excited about having a stranger come near her head with scissors. He did a surprisingly good job considering her head was buried in my chest during the five minute ordeal.
  2. Dave and Busters and Scheels - two great places to take the kids to play after a week of being stuck in the house. Over two different days at Dave and Busters our score card had 152 tickets on it, which at first sounded like a lot, but we quickly realized we couldn't even afford a roll of smarties for 152 tickets. Sorry girls. 
  3. A 7:15 bedtime. I tried to pretend like I wasn't sick all day, but in reality my body was aching and my throat was on fire. A full night's sleep (10 hours and 12 minutes, with lots of Mira interruptions) was exactly what I needed. While Mira and I were sleeping, Dan and the older girls stayed up late with the Champs watching movies and painting their nails. 


  1. Listening to an awesome, awesome sermon about marriage. If you are married, or ever want to be married, listen to it
  2. An awesome small group, finishing up our Daniel Plan study.
  3. Daniel and Dan for holding down the fort and handling dinner/clean-up/bed time while I went to bed at 7 for the second night in a row. During the day the naproxen helps me pretend I am not stick, but once 5 PM rolls around, in come the chills and aches general malaise. 

(our beloved Miss Emily took Mira outside with the big kids <3)


  1. Danielle for making me chicken soup for my pathetic throat. I am telling you, every woman needs a sister wife. 
  2. Granny for taking the kids to her house so I could rest in bed while watching training modules for work (spoiler: I ended up getting Granny sick. Ugh.).
  1. The garage is now cleaned out enough for both Danielle and I to park our matching Odysseys in there. What did I do before I had a mini van?
  2. Cora and her general silliness. She loves to be funny and makes her voice sound different and her facial expressions change depending on what mood she is trying to convey, which is weirdly not the mood she is actually in at the moment.
  3. Curtains at swim school - so much entertainment.

  1. Mira stayed in her crib all night after a two week hiatus. This was most likely because I accidentally forgot to plug the baby monitor in, but we all survived and she didn't appear too traumatized when I finally came in at 3 am to feed her. I am calling it a win.
  2. Hannah for confirming the white spots on the back of my throat with her cell phone flash light and my sister for calling me in some amoxicillin. Note to future self: pretending like you are not sick doesn't get you anywhere but 5 days wasted and the potential of infecting everyone around you. Sometimes I seriously question my thought processes. 
  3. The book Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? I love Dr. Hyman! 
A few recipes -

Monterey Chicken with black bean soup and roasted cauliflower. Do yourself a favor and make that chicken. It is already on the menu plan for guests next week. I subbed honey instead of brown sugar and it still came out fantastic. I really wish there were leftovers.

Shashuka with quinoa tabbleouh: the kids LOVED the shashuka, which cracked us all up.

Smoked chicken legs with salad, roasted broccoli, and parmasean roasted sweet potatoes (<-- a repeat for sure)

Need a quick workout? Try these Fitness Blender arms + abs videos.

Have a great end to your week! Muah! <3

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