Friday, March 16, 2018

Mira Belle 6 Months

At six months Mira is a delight.

She simply wants to smile and laugh and giggle. Her toothless grin forms so easy. Any time her eyes meet mine, she almost dares me to do something silly.

She is good sized (93 percentile for length and 83 percentile for weight) has rolls on rolls (the wrist roll is my favorite), a decent amount of hair, and some killer abdominal muscles from the constant v-up she holds while observing the craziness around her.

Mira can roll over, but doesn't very often. She has tried a few foods, but isn't too interested in them. She can sleep for long stretches of time, but usually doesn't.

She often squawks like a bird or squeals to get our attention. She rarely cries, unless she is hungry or wants to be held. Unlike her older sisters, she is happy to be held by anyone, and only has a slight preference for me.

She sings herself to sleep, unless she nurses herself to sleep, which of course is her preference.

When I hold her on my hip, she lounges back and lets her arms fall to maximum relaxation.

She loves when I kiss her neck, belly, or cheeks.

She loves her older sisters and is usually happy if I tell Ina or Cora to go sing her a song. She tolerates their faces very close to her's, the pushing, prodding, and yelling very, very well.

If she slept through the night she would undoubtedly be the perfect baby.

Can you tell that I fall more in love with her every day?

The physics of the heart continues to baffle me. When Ina was born, I had no idea my heart was capable of that much love. (I literally dedicated love songs to her.) When I became pregnant with Cora, I honestly felt guilty because I just knew I wouldn't like her as much. Then I met her and couldn't help but adore her fiery soul just as much.

It is no secret that Mira's pregnancy wasn't planned, so I was too busy freaking out to think about how much I would love her. But oh man, love her I do. So much, in fact, that the surge of affection I feel when I see her often surprises me.

I know that life is crazy right now, and I know that I didn't plan our current circumstances. But I am oh so grateful for God's plan to trust me with these three little girls.

Just for fun: Ina at 6 months; Cora at 6 months.

Have a great weekend! <3

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